Machismo And Chauvinism As A Type Of Sexist Movement

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The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines male chauvinism like the attitude of the arrogance of the men in relation to women. It is referred to as the set of practices, behaviours and some words (“dichos”) that can be offensive for the female gender.

We can also say that is a form of sexism in where is discriminated and despise the women considering her inferior to the men. The value chauvinism is founded in ideas preconceived and stereotypes, strongly influenced by the social environment.

It has the idea that women must have an attitude of submission to the men, and this can be manifested in different ways, as an example, with attitudes and behaviours of despise and control. Sometimes, this is manifested with physic aggressions and psychological and its know like gender violence.

Male chauvinist is a type of structural violence because you can found it in all the societies and in all the social spaces, but it occurs in different levels and via different mechanism depending on the race, class and belonging to a particular ethnic group. It discriminate women or, inclusive, men that are homosexual.

Along history, male chauvinism has been reflected in different aspects of social life. As a simple example, for a long time, it was denegated the vote to women. In some countries nowadays it is still punished the adultery with the death penalty to women, but men don’t get the same sentence.

The submission of the women to her husband it is still viewed as a positive value. They are people who think that the women get to their fullness when they get married and they are housewife so they can attend their husband and kids. Another thinking of value chauvinist in society are phrases like “María is the women of Pablo”, as the inverse phrase is no usual (“Pablo is the men of María”). The women still view like a property of the men.

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Otherwise, there is not a definition in the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) for female chauvinist. This makes the definition imprecise, just because it has different connotations according to the context and to the intention of the speaker.

It is important not to confuse female chauvinist with feminism. It’s call feminism to the movement and doctrine that defends the equality of rights between women and men. So for that feminism doesn’t look forward to the prevalence of women over men. That objective usually is pointed as female chauvinist.

Therefore, it can be said that female chauvinist is equal to the male chauvinism but in the opposite position: promotes the preponderance of women, while male chauvinism favours men. Nor female chauvinist nor male chauvinism are committed to gender equals.

So with this definition, we can understand that female chauvinist involves a negative discrimination to the detriment of men. The idea is often linked to the misandry, which is contempt to men. The female chauvinist tries to go against men through comments and actions.

It is important to take into account that male chauvinism is part of a social system since the antiquity that it reproduces in multiple ambits. The female chauvinist, instead, is not more than an individual or minority without real interference in society. For that is that the analogy between female chauvinist and male chauvinism it might help to understand the concepts, but without forget the privilege position that men have enjoyed during all the history and that nowadays they keep having it, beyond the progress of the last years.

In fact, there are people who think that the term female chauvinist was proposed by male chauvinism (machistas) to discredit feminism and like that protect their benefits of the system of inequality that has the subordinate women.

Julián Pérez Porto and Ana Gardey tell as that more than once they have been people looking for the gender equality, talking about female chauvinist like the equivalent of male chauvinism but the opposite is absurd, just because so it can exist like this we should go back on time several centuries, probably millennials until you find the first trace of male chauvinism and then reverse it, that is, submitting the men instead of the women.

In another way, who wants to identificate with an “ideology” or a movement that is based in the dispase? Does it really exist, someone, that it’s proud to say that he is a male chauvinism (machista)? So probably there isn’t any women proclaiming herself a female chauvinist. So this reinforces the idea that this concepts are not etiquettes of movements they are just a reality, at least in the case of male chauvinism, that is already part of are ADN like society and is time to excise it. 

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