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Gender Roles In The Chauvinistic Society

The advert I have chosen is a poster from World War 2. Featuring a color illustration of an attractive young woman dressed in olive-coloured work clothes, gazing happily and fondly at a piece of machinery. Up until the First World War, society had well defined...

Beyond Title Ix Article Review: Using EPD to Interrupt Problematic Ideologies about Black Girls

Black girls and young women (BGYW) face multiple manifestations of sexism and racism in school despite over 45-year-old Title IX legislation prohibiting it. Unfortunately, BGYW and youth not identifying as male/masculine have been excluded from present-day national reform conversations like Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper...

The Sexism Against Women as Portrayed in 1950s Media

Have you ever thought or the nostalgia to lead a perfect family life without problems and to be accepted in society, as portrayed in TV shows or series? They think of being in white families leads to a relaxed life and getting better chances. In...

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