Essay Samples on Feminism

The True Story of Pocahontas

The true story of Pocahontas is about a 10 year old. When using different theories to analyze work, one may uncover the truth about the realms. Pocahontas shows hints of post colonialism and feminism. Post colonialism is the political and social supremacy and domination of...

Gloria Steinem: Actual Wonder Woman

Imagine a female going against the grain during an era where women were meekly succumbing to their male partners, receiving backlash and criticism for acknowledging the marginalize role women play in society, and proudly placing her name on controversial topics. As a woman would she...

Women In Afghanistan: Violation Of Women Rights

Women in school and working have been a big topic when mentioning Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Afghanistan does not recognize that women should work nor get an education, although Article 43 of the Afghan Constitutions claim that women have the right to education. Barin Sultani Haymon, previous...

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