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Historical Perspective on Changes in Institutional Diversity

Path dependency, according to Roe, makes it difficult for institutions to converge, due to each economy's historical and political legacy. In the US, the result of distributed ownership prevalence can be attributed to their political inclinations to reject concentrated industrial and financial monopolies by their...

Overview of the Basis and System of German Corporate Governance

In Charkham, the author states that on a scale with 'confrontation' on one side and 'co-operation' on the other, German approach to corporate governance would fall on the co-operation side, much further this way inclined than or the US. In Germany, large companies fall into...

Effective Corporate Governance as a Tool for Company Improvement

Corporate governance is a system or mechanism used to direct or control an organisation. Corporate governance affects the way a corporation is directed, administered, or controlled. A company, especially a large enterprise is run under the separation of ownership and control concept which is owned...

A Critical Role of Corporate Governance System in Banks

Corporate governance in banks is a critical issue that has garnered significant attention in recent years. Banks are essential financial intermediaries that play a crucial role in the economy, and their stability is essential to ensure financial stability in the broader economy. Therefore, it is...

What is the Role of Shareholders in Corporate Governance

Agency theory, described by Jensen and Meckling, is the concept surrounding the agency relationship where one party, the agent, works following the guidance of another party, the principal. In corporate governance theory, shareholders are identified as the principal, with boards of directors acting as their...

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