Essay Samples on Media

Digitalisation of Media and Downfall of Newspapers

How does one acquire news? Is it from your social media news feed? Is it from news channels? Or is it still from newspapers? As chronicles of daily life, newspaper each advice and interact. A newspaper is a distribution containing news, knowledge, and advertising, usually…

Looking Through Lenses Of History: Nikon Camera

Films and media have been around for nearly 100 years now but what nobody talks about is the tools that were being used to produce them. Looking at the quality of the media produced back then and now, obviously there has been a huge improvement….

The Impact Of Television On One’s Travel Preference

Introduction Nowadays, the entertainment industry around the world is very flourishing, especially in the drama aspect. Take Korea as an example, many people are mainly acknowledged on Korea from Television (Kim, Kim, Agrusa & Lee, 2012). It changes one’s view of the country shown in…

Analysis Of Bill Viola's New Media Artworks

Bill Viola, an American video artist (b.1951), is universally regarded as a pioneer of new media art. Viola first wore the medium of artistic expression in video art making and distribution in the 1970’s. Combination of filmed images and music existed in all of his…

How Are Children Exposed? The Fragile State

Humans are predisposed to take care of their offspring. As parents, they often do anything and everything in their power to protect their defenceless child from the ills of this world. The child is fragile and doesn’t understand its workings. Any negative experience has the…

Representation And Characterization Of Gender In Media

If you type the words ‘objectification’, ‘exploitation’ and ‘misrepresentation’ into a search engine, these words would be accompanied by ‘women’, ‘female’, or ‘girls’. Representation and characterization of gender in media is commonly misconceived as being customarily directed only towards the females of society. However, this…

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