The Role of Traditional and Non-Traditional Sources of News

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Non- traditional news sources provide a twist on trending news as compared to traditional sources in today’s world. Due to technology the way to read and listen news are changed. In the past years, only newspaper and radio were the main sources to get news but know revolution occurred in online media technologies, provide various alternatives such as social networking sites. News are not only cover local areas with the help of social media people are able to get a news from international, national, private and public, cultural and western fields. 

Many masses assert that traditional sources provide original and relevant news and other sources such as talk shows, blogs etc. these are not much stronger as compared to newspaper. So, both sources have different way to conduct the news but I agree with the statement that non-traditional sources add positive impact on news community through news sharing method, less time consuming and providing other facilities.

To initiate with, Newspapers are known as mouthpiece of government in which the aim of political members is to manipulate the public. These traditional sources are mainly considered as ignorance of audience. In this, with the advent of internet, media credibility research find that the approach of audience perspective brought in international and international dimensions. This is clear by the example of online news website that launched overseas is Sina that become integral part of media channel for the Chinese. Moreover, Internet Development in China Survey a 39th statistics report that shows the proportion of internet users in China was 54.3% in July,2017. 

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These privately-owned news sites have different factors such as collection of news, readers attraction and attract public at large scale. The conventional media do not have a right of conducting interviews of general public thus, they mostly write news under government opinion. Online media put a great effect on political culture because audience able to express their perspective about government. So, internet and communication technology change the political context in a fair-play power system as well as political activities Through increase of internet use in upcoming years will affect the media credibility of television. Zhang and Wang, 2019.

Traditional news sources such as television newspaper, radio less able to show their connectivity with readers and do not give opportunity to public to represent their opinion. As replacement of traditional media with online world changed the point of view in news field. This clarify by the example of Presidential Election Campaign in 1992 marked the first time that non-traditional news media were used as a prevalent form to give their opinion by voters and candidates. Talk shows were the main attractive media on that year, voters used both traditional and non-traditional media to get a news about politicians in both initial and final phase of voting Campaign. 

The use of interviews and talk shows influence large number of voters and put impact on public attitudes also, it become the major component of the campaign strategy of majority of political leaders to attract their members. In addition to this, candidates take a great advantage of this opportunity as these shows offered them a direct path of communication with people so, audience can know about both positive and negative information about candidates and show their position on trending controversial news. Pfau and Eveland, 1996.

Newspapers only follow their past format for printed their news. The traditional way to publish the news by journalist is still continuously working. As compared with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat others are updating their version time to time updating for multifarious activities and opportunities to market and distribute content that are not present in newspaper, radio. Hermida et al., 2012 said that study found that social networking sites becomes a significant way of news for Canadians, two-fifths of youngsters that use social networking sites said that they receive news from follow people on services like Facebook and with less proportion from individuals and journalists. Additionally they said that social networks help them to wide the range of access the news and information, Networked media technologies now are extending their abilities to make their news more attractive towards readers.

In Conclusion Majority of people choose easier way to get a news because due internet access at everywhere they can read a news and give their point of view on it through comments likes and dislikes These facilities are not available in newspapers and magazines and mostly people prefer read summary of news through online media due to their hectic schedule. Upcoming generations will more prefer online media because their popularity among youngsters are increasing day by day.

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