How Media Violence Breeds Real Violence

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Hate is a robust feeling that illustrates a person’s disgust towards another person or thing. It's utterly natural to hate one thing or somebody; it's equally dangerous for somebody's being. As a result, hate creates negativity and weakens the aptitude of that person to just accept the fate. Hate can create violence within a person. With this violence spreads more violence among people. Throughout time, it is shown and known that violence breeds violence. Violence breeds violence because of the hate that society gives to one another.

Wars were waged,by countries and states, on one another throughout history however never once has any war been ready to solve a tangle facing humanity. Many of the wars known in time have created more along the timeline as well. For example, in the Civil War the Union and the Confederacy fought many battles before perceiving who the victorious one was. The quarrel between the countries of the world once was a confrontation in war zones. The two major world wars have left immeasurable individuals dead everywhere. The hatred among the two fighting in any wars caused a brutal violence within the two. Little philosophical beliefs were boosted in the form of movements. The movements were taken out through brute strength because of disagreements. The people against the movement were brutal with the protesters and vice versa. This shows that everyone's violent behaviors has a toll on others behaviors as well.

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The violence that the world faces these days comes in many alternative forms. For instance, on the film The Hate U Give, Starr Carter realized the hate you give to kids makes them grow up and become how people treated them to be. This is not essentially connected with chaos and bloodshed. Because the time has progressed, violence has found its method into the most effective and also the noblest of field such as journalism. Through journalism, it is how celebrities or average people are viewed for doing something out of the ordinary or being rude. This can cause violence to that person if a well amount of people know.

Conflicting parties unremarkably interact with one another by violently abusing every other’s rights and name over mass media casting aside all the norms and manners. Many people on social media show violence to one another because of one's beliefs. For instance, a student at Dobie High School fought another student because of an opinion post on snapchat. Someone can easily cause violence through media.

The thought behind fighting violence with non-violence advocates that the facet that doesn't use violence is the proper path and would be victorious. The short tilt of strength is also in favor of the facet that uses violence; over the long-term solely the facet that has the higher narrative earns respect. Those that advocate or observe violence could ostensibly be changed by humanity in harm’s method; it's handiest to still treat them amorously to know that they'll apprehend over the passage of your time. Some people use the term “kill them with kindness” meaning don’t start violence on violence with somebody, but to fight your battle with non-violent words.

Those that most idealize are those that are acknowledged significantly for his or her patience, tolerance, and endurance as compared to those that are significantly acknowledged for his or her bad temper and fast reaction to stimuli in a very violent manner. This provides an image of the individuals that are still willing to be sensible through their actions and word choice. Some people even believe that there is still hope left in humanity that society’s respectfulness, understandings, and rationalities could begin to enhance.

It required to market the mental attitude among the society. people have to learn to live harmoniously by understanding the issues that result in violence. They must seek out ways of addressing those problems at their root instead of playing with problems by the manipulators; this makes things worse by responding violence with violence. Although somebody, or a group of individuals, will carry views that are strictly contrastive, they too ought to be treated and confronted with attainment and logic instead of violence because it solely adds fuel to the fire. Violence can be bred by violence through hatred among society. The hatred can spread through many generations as it has already throughout history.

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