School Violence Exploited by Media

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The recent violent attacks inside the school premises illustrate the safety and security of every student at risk. The mass shooting incidents show such violent actions can happen anyplace. The vicinity of the park, garden, school premises, public places such as clubs, and drinking bars are the price target for crime scenes. The simplicity of carrying firearms, in particular, the gun as the weapon for committing such violent actions. “Places that succumbed with gun violence, such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook”, stated by Russ, J., Jones, S., & Blankenship, C. (n.d.) Used up the news into higher stages by means of media. The instances definitely opened the eyes of the public into the safety nets more so with the participation of the students. The kind of society that is existing today gives the management of the socialization, norms, and trends today. It is not surprising that even a disturbed person or student for that matter could take the lives of other people with the use of carrying guns.

For some people, they kept guns for their protection, but unfortunately for others, their intention is to hurt or even more took the lives of other people. With all the dangerous things that happened the need of the public to take on the issue is important to the extent of deliberating regarding the conflict of allowing the staff, employees, personnel of the university to carry firearms for peace and parliamentary law for the safety standard to be enforced by the government according to Russ, J., Jones, S., & Blankenship, C. (n.d.). Parents and government activity must hold an agreement regarding this problem. The ambiance in the university must be violent behavior free for the students to experience and give care in receiving their knowledge as should be.

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Authorized by the extent of news coverage being given to the public for safety concerns, with the society’s point of thought considering the subject of gun violence and ideas concerning censored in carrying rights may be stirred upward. This could be because news media spend more time treating this subject than any other societal issue. A long line of this, the safety and protection of the students depend on whether the university personnel and faculty members to carry weapons inside the school premises. Gun violence and mass shootings have provided the mass media many occasions to establish a moral panic. Public perception and treatment have increased concerning the perceived and sensationalized threat in certain contexts.

While the real issue here is how well the students react or feel if they are hemmed in by individuals carrying firearms to provide protection. Intelligence is where many people initially learn about the occurrence of gun violence. Although the media is a valuable source of public information, the word can elicit tremendous fear in society. The contagion effect is a hypothesis that addresses how behaviors spread (Russ, J., Jones, S., & Blankenship, C. (n.d.). When one person engages in a particular behavior, there is a likely chance that another may partake in that behavior or perform a behavior with similar characteristics. Imitation is more often than not learned and eventually adapted through the experiences. Since the media plays a big part in propagating the news the tendency of trying to be like that of a disturbed soul. If the students repeatedly will see the news on social media, and so the thought of answering the same thing will be gentle for them to copy.

Exploring more on school violence may be resulting from the misbehavior of a pupil in their surroundings. The normal student will never do anything that can be harmful to themselves or to other people unless they are seeking plain attention from other people. Through repeatedly being shown in the media of the seriousness of the mass firing in a school, the troubled pupil or student is capable of doing the same thing if the educator and the student do not have any connection at all (Fisher, B., Gardella, J., & Tanner-Smith, E. 2018). Also, students who attend schools that are organized in a more communal nature, have stronger bonds to the school and lower rates of misbehavior. Given the close relationship that is building between the students and the teachers surrounding them, it can be seen as protection against dangerous and criminal behaviors. Some other affair that can trigger of the student to commit such violent activity is concerned with the schools’ policies and rules. If the school is being fair to everybody then there will be no rationality for a student to commit school violence. According to Fisher, B., Gardella, J., & Tanner-Smith, E. (2018), the elements that can be noticed between the relationship of teacher and students to lessen the student’s misbehavior. First of all is the treatment of the teachers to the students with respect, second is the caring of the teachers to the students and last is the boasting of the students’ morals and never to look down on them. Although school security measures are typically employed to detect and deter violent behaviors or drug- or weapon-related natural processes in school, they may have a more widespread influence on student conduct (Fisher, B., Gardella, J., & Tanner-Smith, E. 2018).

As schools go on to discover ways to minimize students’ delinquent and problem behaviors, there is a diversity of potential mechanisms at their disposition. Schools should, therefore, seek to reduce student problem behaviors in other ways that are based on strong empirical and theoretical work, such as by fostering positive relationships within the school community and establishing rules that students perceive as fair and consistently enforced.

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