Why Censorship Is Bad for the Perception of Information

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Censorship is bad for the community because it is very harmful to people,it can be all over the world and it can cause so much pain in  many different communities in different ways. Following the history of Censorship, writers varying of both age and experience were controlled by whoever enforced these regulations, dating back to 300 A.D. Even today we experience censorship, either through smaller-scale situations like an edited school paper, or even larger scale situations like certain websites and outlets being blocked. So, why censorship is bad?

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Censorship is very harmful because it can be  used to hurt many different people. It's no surprise that censorship was used and abused as it was implemented within different social systems. One notable time period where censorship was prevalent was during the 18th century, in Europe. Ever since the introduction of the press to Europe, it also helped showcase the power of government censorship. It either stripped down or removed/took away certain pieces of literature from the public. Which caused fear and hurt the people of Europe. Censorship is very bad all over the world because even in  asian countries, particularly china. The Chinese government is said to have complete control over their countries' Internet and what their citizens use and view online. This already should start setting off red flags because they are using this power to block out certain things from their citizens view like certain social media sites are banned and inaccessible in China due to the government’s strict rules.

Recently there has been a lot of speculation about how covid-19 started and the disappearance of a Chinese doctor who discovered it and tried to warn the world. He posted the video and 2 days later was reported to have gone missing and the video was taken down from all Chinese sights so that the citizens and the world would not be able to see it. Many governments like China abuse their power over citizens and feel they have a right to do things like that when they do not. This spread bad information all over the world which makes china look bad this why we shouldn't use censorship anywhere in the world censorship can cause distress to a lot of people for example American music industry because if censorship starts  worse will  follow it.If  censorship is used . When an artist who is signed to a label by contract tries to put out a song that expresses their strong opinion on something for example comptons legendary rap group “N.W.A.” Released a song called “f**k the police” after the assault of Rodney King in 1991 by a group of police officers. He was an unarmed black man who was beaten close to death by a group of police officers. This event set an outrage in the world and the group dropped the song as a way of showing they do not like the police due to what happened. When they dropped the song it was played everywhere, on the radio, at riots, and protest, etc. this very much angered the police particularly compton pd. The department went to one of their shows and talked to the group and told them they were not allowed to perform it, instead of giving in the group performed it anyway and were then chased off stage, beaten, shot at, and arrested by the police. They tried their best to silence them even more by threatening radio stations who would play the song but it did not work. This is another example of how people with higher power abuse censorship. Although many within the world benefit from censorship and look at it as a way of preventing unnecessary chaos, it becomes a true limiter within the world. It inhumanly strips away the thoughts of the writers, and it deliberately gives the reader a false point of view of what the writer was trying to portray.

In conclusion it’s hard to imagine a world without a form of censorship. We subconsciously censor either ourselves or others when we deem that it is not fit for the situation. However, the negatives consist of constant doubt, and frustration when we aren’t able to fully understand or express what was meant. Censorship is a false security and creates a false identity to which those who don’t recognize it.

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