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The Arab Spring and the Progression of Ladies

Nobody will overlook the locations of ladies energizing in the lanes and open squares of the Arab world, requesting the topple of oppressive systems that had been in power for a considerable length of time. Those scenes were a significant sign that Arab society was...

The Arab Spring and Its Effects on the Islamic Religion and Islamism

Islam is a monotheistic religion and shares many of the same core beliefs as other popular religions such as Christianity. Islam believes that there is only one true God, Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s messenger. Islam is reportedly the world’ second largest religion with a...

Stages In The History Of Bahrain

The history of Bahrain is one in which the fight over power, rich resources, and strategic positioning for trade routes has made the government subject to many shifts in power and political maneuvering. Some of these shifts have been in Bahrain’s favor; however, many of...

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