My Motivation To Pursue A Career In The Oil And Gas Industry

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I currently volunteer at Christ the King senior School –Nabbingo as the patron of the school’s Red Cross Society. I am a cordial and very hospitable person and this is exhibited in my ability to socialize with many people from different walks of life .These include; workmates, business clients, managing directors and affiliates of multinational and national companies like Total and Agopex Uganda, my lecturers, classmates, my supporters and team players during my two years sports career as a football team manager, several government officials and African Union election observers in the recent national elections.

The Whatsapp and Facebook groups that I created to conduct my campaigns in addition to the several public rallies that I staged were an outstanding network and the main attributes to my victory in the tight elections for the information minister (2016-2017) at university, I continued to use these social media platforms during my time of service to disseminate important communication from the university administration to the students.

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While at Agopex (u) Ltd, I interacted with Hon. Hunnington, the Director of the multi-national company that was contracted with refilling the swamps of Namanve to avail land for development of government projects. He granted me a 2 billion Uganda shillings contract after a tight competition with other applicants to supply fuel to his project which yielded huge profits to our company and I learnt from him many business skills which supported me while attaining a job promotion to the overall operations manager of our company. I interacted with Prof. Jean- Pierre Signoret from France, a prominent member of Total Professeurs Associésduring an international oil and gas seminar that was organized by Total E & P.

I learnt various techniques involved in reliability modeling and calculation of safety systems and these will be important skills for preserving life and nature. I will use them during my career within the highly risky oil and gas industry. During the same seminar, I presented the detrimental outcomes that could result from improper management of petroleum resources. This was in official reception of Eng. Irene Muloni, the Uganda Cabinet Minister for Energy and Minerals and Mr. Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda. I want to be part of the Chevening community comprising of young leaders from all over the world. As I interact with them, we will formulate ideal solutions to remediate worldwide problems.

I will also establish a cordial relationship with professionals in the UK oil industry, lecturers, fellow students and with members of the UK government that I will be able to meet and this will be in addition to the firm mentorship body of intellectual leaders that I have already established in my country.

These altogether will bear me as a network upon which I can inquire for advice and direction concerning important matters and policy making. I love my culture, and I seek to see how it integrates with the traditions in the United Kingdom.

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