Why I Want to Work in the Medical Field: Dream of Becoming a Doctor

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 I saw a few years of my life, I did not consider myself another role. However, I am heading by medical doctors who continue to be a career in many exciting and satisfying experiences done in a few years. My school was a talent for biology and my choice in medical medicine has chosen me a career. Hard to 10% of the hardest and interested in natural medicine, and hard to try to increase your human life and disease during my natural medicine training.

After motivating me, as a victim of a health care career, my grandfather was suffering from an innate cancer. Since my grandfather living rural Pakistan, he had to travel for more than two hours to get medical care. After germination, chest pain and chemotherapy, there are serious problems that encourage me to become a factor in future health care.

In addition, it is shown by doctors and other health care experts, and it has been encouraged to overcome troubles that continue to be passionate about my career. Despite all the difficulties in this way, nothing late. Until the 1980s, he did not help and rejoice in his remaining days. I still remember the doctor and his assistant who met him and suggested that everything would have to face. They trusted their care group. Their words are making peace on the last stages of death.

Since that day, I had no further idea of what was going on in the future. I had graduated well in our clinical practice in the last year of graduation, and it also affected me. Life pressures and deplorable habits often cause diseases of the day. I have realized that although most doctors have the best work for drug patients and take drugs, they are now talking about healthy lifestyles. Instead of treating patients, instead of complaining, I had a way to go. I am particularly interested in being a medical doctor

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I have a doctor, a spy, collecting all the qualities and logical assessment. Since they are very spacious, because their sub-features are very sophisticated, I think in the clinical medical facility, all these tests are very eager to continue as a health specialist in the medical facility. The most challenging challenge of all features. In particular, the doctor will be a perfect match. Patience and stability are two basic requirements in the health care profession, and I hope that I have achieved this during my clinical experience. By taking care of my health

Experiences, I not only grew up as a professional, but also an individual. She has become a great listener, a positive partner and a positive factor for patients and the health care team, the basic features of the doctor. He has taught me determination, patience and hard work how to succeed in life. For natural medicine and healing, I want to provide good care for my passion as well as unsafe communities. My life experiences have changed their values and beliefs to today’s person who should make me a successful and successful doctor in the future.

I will help a lot of people to become a doctor. In any way the medical field is not easy. Strong study involves the emotional attachment of the patient. I know I’m ready and I’m a doctor. I think the future should always be bright and hopeful. I always believe in positive thinking. The power of positive thinking, I like professionals in my personal and everyday life. I want to be a doctor to provide the best health care to my patients. With all my experiences inside and outside of India, we have strong faith that I will make a great doctor.

To live and study in the Middle East (Pakistan), I can speak English and English and I think I can improve the cultural diversity of the class. To be one physical life requires hard work, patience, patience, and the right direction to the right. I think my training in medical medicine gives me a unique and different approach to caring for the patient, when better treatment can be provided to the patient as well as training with the patient. I hope that not only your patients but also the lives of their family members will be treated. I am looking forward to the next stage in my career. 

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