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IBM Fundamental Analysis of the Stock and Bonds

As of 2017, IBM was trading lower than its peer companies owing to its declining year-over-year revenue for twenty-one quarters. Additionally, the company was not included in Wall Street’s estimates on revenues for the quarter (Waldron, 2017). However, not all was lost for IBM as...

Analysis Of High-Quality Stocks In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are many high-quality stocks with the characteristics of durable competitive advantage (DCA), which means the company can generate profits sustainably in the long time. In the following, I would like to recommend three stocks, which are HK & CHINA GAS (00003),...

Age And Other Factors Explaining Risky Asset Investments

Behavioral finance opposes traditional finance theories in the sense that individuals are not capable of carrying out the dynamic optimization problems that traditional finance talks about. However, one of the most fundamental concepts for investments and financial decision making for both schools of thoughts is...

The Conceivable Prospects Swings Of Stock Costs

Specialized examination is a helpful method in directing speculation choices. In light of our investigation on five organizations, we have perceived how specialized examination can be utilized to anticipate the conceivable prospects swings of stock costs. Subsequent to investigating the organizations, the accompanying end was...

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