The Pathway And Reasons Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher

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A teacher is one of the only jobs that children can observe over and over again. What I remember the most about my teachers is how they want their students to always seek help. As a result, I would approach them after school for help with any difficult concepts. My teachers always have a smile on their faces and help me with an open heart. Their dedication inspires me because I could tell they care about their students. I always want to inspire others the way they inspire me. I love to teach because I, ultimately, want to leave a positive impact on others’ lives. I volunteer as a teacher’s assistant at Campus View Elementary School, where I help with activities like one-on-one reading sessions every Friday. One memory, in particular, was when a kid was too shy to befriend his classmates. 

I was determined to help him and constantly encouraged him to participate in class. It took time for him to open up. However, when he did, I heard him calling my name in the playground and running over with his new friends. Small acts have a big impact on a student’s growth. At school, I am involved as a peer tutor where I support and teach students on a weekly basis. I was able to witness an international student’s difficulty in learning English while adapting to Canada at the same time through editing her essays. It was valuable for me to guide her learning and over time, she became a better writer and speaker. Hearing “I received full marks on my paper thanks to you!” from her allowed me to realize the immense joy I felt in seeing the difference I made in others. 

From that experience, I also learned that patience is incredibly important in a teacher as learning takes time. I was fortunate to spend my summer volunteering as a youth leader in-training at a swimming camp. I led a group of 20 kids between the ages of 6-9 through leading games and supervising them on a regular basis. Through that experience, I learned that adaptability is an essential quality in teachers. The children I worked with changed every week. Not only did I have to memorize new names weekly, but also be flexible with unexpected situations. For example, once I wanted to lead a game, but there was not enough space to execute it. Despite my disappointment, I remained calm and prepared alternative games. That experience taught me that responding positively to situations is crucial to thriving in environments of change and growth. In essence, my time at the summer camp, peer tutoring and volunteering at an elementary school have shaped me to be adaptable, positive and encouraging in everything I do. Altogether, the fulfillment of working with children and my teachers’ lasting, positive impacts have affected my choice of teaching as a career goal. I want to be a teacher because being with children and seeing them learn and succeed is fulfilling. 

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