Why I Want To Be A Teacher: It Isn’t Just A Career, But It's A Calling

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Being a teacher isn’t just a career, having the ability to enable a child to further make sense of the world around them and become a honourable and respectful member of society, gives me such a profound sense of pride and happiness. I want to tell you why I want to be a teacher and what motivates me.

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A teacher is someone who inspires young minds and commitments to ensuring every child is pushed to achieve their own potential. Being able to be that inspirational guide for children is something that I’ve wanted to be, enabling them to develop the skills and social abilities they need to develop to become the best of future generations. establishing a relationship with each and every Child is just as important as their educational needs. Seeing my younger siblings come home every day from school with a new … (challenge ahead of them) Watching them look up to me as the one to help out with their homework, school projects or anything like that made me realise I possessed the qualities of a teacher to be able to inspire young minds. Being a compassionate , strong willed, enthusiastic and patient character reinforced this idea within me. I've always had the desire to achieve the best I can in my life and future career. 

Whilst at college, I devoted my spare hours to the understanding of child psychology and the social learning theory, how children develop and interact with other people at such a young age was always an interest of mine, especially when having primary education as the dream career I wanted to achieve. Learning that “what children see, children do” influenced me to strive to become a positive role model. As well as in psychology, it was interesting to see how the education system and life of children has changed over time in sociology. Learning about bowlby’s theory of attachment showed me how much of an influence a positive, confident and enthusiastic Teacher can have on a child. 

I see myself as a dedicated, funny and trustworthy individual with the ability to be able to relate and communicate clearly and confidently. I’m a very organised student, always able to manage my time sufficiently Relevant experience Combined with direct experience within the classroom, My passion and commitment of becoming a primary school teacher can be seen through my weekly voluntary work at my local rainbows, watching the children play, creating and enjoying themselves puts a smile on not only their face but mine; each week I help out by entertaining and watching the children, the group contains a variety of different personality types, from the shy to the bubbly ones, it reiterates how a primary classroom would be. Attending rainbows on a weekly basis allowed me to develop a leadership role. I had the pleasure of attending my old primary school for a week of work experience, through which I shadowed the class teacher by helping the children with any tasks they struggled with, I also was able to have the opportunity to mark the children homework which gave me the chance to see how teachers marked and assessed any written work done by their pupils, and the constructive approach teachers are required to make. I was also required to manage classroom behaviour and ensure all children were on task. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn how to support each and every individual, being in a class with a pupil with special educational needs enabled me to see how children with different abilities reacted within the classroom environment, whilst witnessing the patience a teacher needs when in this environment. I believe both this experience and voluntary work will be able to assist me on my chosen course to be a teacher, through having prior experience and knowledge of this role as a teacher and leader. 

What I find the greatest thing about working with young children is that no two days are ever the same. Through working in a school I did witness many things that showed how difficult and demanding being a teacher can be. However these are obstacles I would be willing to accomplish and overcome, as being a teacher is undoubtedly the most rewarding job in society. Witnessing and being a part of the social, educational and educational development of each and every child has a feeling no other career could overcome.

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