Essay Samples on Coaching

Ideology and Foundation of Coaching Philosophy

In other words, the idealistic rhetoric of a coaching philosophy is unlikely to be seamlessly achieved in the complex and messy realities of coaching pedagogy. Therefore, more authentic and detailed pictures of coaching practice are needed (Hall et al, 2015) A coach’s ‘philosophy’ above all...

Merits of Listening in Non-Judgemental Coaching

Sometimes, all you need is someone who will listen. It is fortune enough to have people around you who hear you and not judge you.” This quote by Tara Estacaan highlights the importance of Listening as a cornerstone of effective communications and successful interpersonal engagements....

The Rise of Jose Mourinho

José Mourinho is a charismatic football (soccer) manager from Portugal, broadly regarded as one of the best coaches in the game’s history. He is extensively known both for his coaching success, and for his controversial leadership style. He has headed the most important European teams...

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