Impact Of Hotel Service Quality On The Customers Interest In Indonesia

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Business development in Indonesia is one of the phenomena that a very interesting business to learn of. And globalization in economic aspect makes that increasingly opened the opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to compete in the net of local consumers. The impact of globalization caused the services industry that developed in the field of communication, transportation, and hospitality is rapidly expanding in the business industry. Indonesian companies are required to recognize consumer behavior adapt to the company's capabilities for customers' needs and the company must have more value among the competitor. the extra value that the company's had, it will encourage customers prospective of decision making to use the company services when it comes to run the hospitality business, the hotel must observe what makes the changes in customer's behavior and anticipate before it happens. For an aspect to ameliorate the marketing strategy.

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In essence, the purpose of marketing is to acknowledge and understand the nature of the consumer so the products offered can be sold properly. According to Engel et al (1994), Consumer behavior is an individual activity that is directly involved in obtaining and Use of goods or services including the decision-making process on the preparation and determination of the activities

The hospitality industry is a service industry that combines products and services business, The design of buildings, interior and exterior of hotel rooms and restaurants, the atmosphere created in hotel rooms, restaurants and food and beverages along with the overall facilities are one of the products to sell, and the services offered are the hotel team skills how they serve the customers, Kotler and Amstrong (2004) Define services as activities or benefits offered by one other party which is essentially inexistent and does not produce any ownership. The definition of service is an activity that has a few elements of intangibility that involve some interactions with consumers or properties in their possession and does not afford in ownership transfer the number of hotel growth in Palembang South Sumatra is rapidly improving, causing the hospitality industry in Palembang competes extremely tight.

According to the chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant (PHRI), Heru Isnawan in FINNTROLL News said 'the growth rate of hotels in Palembang reaches approximately 20 percent annually, while the increase in tourists ' visit rate only reaches About 7-8 percent per year, 'This unbalanced growth results in an inequality between the number of requests and it will indirectly affect the hotel operational, this statement makes some of the company to achieve their target sells as higher as possible the hotel was just a place to spend the night for the customers while their traveling or business travel and have no relation to hotel services but nowadays hotel function has been improving a lot. a hotel is a commercial business that provides accommodation, food, and other services to the public. But nowadays, hotels are offered for wedding venues, company meetings venue, or any events, and some of the high society they mostly stay at the hotel for just spending their weekends to enjoy hotel's facilities. Hoteliers are expected to be responsive and have a fast response to these changes.

Many things can affect the back and forth of the hospitality industry, sort of, how the hotel can attract customers and retain them by providing the best quality service in order guests are satisfied with the services that have been provided. these days business competition, service is the most important thing for companies to make a difference among other strategies when they sell the same product just in case there are a few things is missing with the operation but with good quality of service and skills can improve the business It proves that the quality of service is a very important aspect that companies should be aware of.

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