Social Media and Internet Promotion in the Hotel Industry

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The Taj hotel company has 7 locations all over the world, and there are 2 other locations coming soon which is in London and Bengaluru. The Lake Palace hotel has received some outstanding awards like “Taj Lake Palace was featured in the Top 10 Hotels for Service list. Taj Lake Palace became more famous when the movie Octopussy was filmed in this hotel with the main actor James Bond. The most famous British film actress Vivien Leigh, Former First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy, and the queen of the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II have stayed in this luxurious hotel. This is one of the reasons why customers wanted to visit this beautiful hotel and prolong their hotel stay. Within the hotel, there is a children recreation center in which there are different kinds of activities to keep the kids engaged. The main aim of all these activities is to make the kids aware of the local values/beliefs in our culture.

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Some of the activities are Arts and crafts session by chitrasen, and read comic books on the history of Mewar. By providing this recreation center for the kids, the families feel more relaxed in their trip as well as the kids are engaged in doing something that is related to their culture which would value them in the future. In the Lake Palace hotel, the guests are welcomed by “rose petals showers over them as soon as they reach the Sardar Ghat and treated with refreshments. A sequinned and embroidered umbrella covers the guests from the sun as they walk to the main entrance of the Taj Lake Palace”. As soon as the guests see this warm welcome into the hotel makes them feel like they want to stay forever in this beautiful place. The staff in the hotel was very humble and supportive of the guests. Something special about this hotel is that they put their customer needs and wants first so that they could capture value from the customers in return which creates customer equity. Perhaps Lake Palace hotel works by allowing guests to earn points and reach certain levels each year by getting gold care or platinum card.

When it comes to the website, it makes the guests feel like they want to come to this place because the way they have structured the website where all the information is provided the right way for all the guests. The Lake Palace hotel website embraces all of these clean and attractive design elements. Especially their homepage pictures do an excellent job of showing off the beauty of their destination. In such a competitive industry, it’s important to take advantage of the beauty surrounding your location. Also, it compares the prices with the other hotel booking websites like, and Expedia which makes it easier for the guests to see the price differences between the hotel rooms. The website shows the interior design of the hotel, and the room/suites, so that the guests have a picture in their mind of already how their hotel room is going to be like when they come to stay.

The website language is kept clear and simple for that the guests which would make their booking process easy by avoiding any mid-booking abandonment. Within the website itself, there is a section called guests to speak where the guests post their comments about their service, rooms, vibe, wifi, and so on. By promoting a positive comment from the guests about the hotel, helps the other guests to be influenced in their sphere. In the guest's perspective, they are more likely to travel based on word of mouth, a shared experience, or a picture or video they found online. The Lake Palace hotel is all over in the social media, like Facebook, and Instagram in which they post pictures of their hotel which is a great way to leave a positive impression, and promoting the hotel brand without feeling like you have to sell something. Also, being consistent in social media is a great way to capture audiences. The audiences which is the guests even take a look at social media to see how competitive this hotel brand compare to the other hotels. Overall, the Taj Lake Palace hotel is a place that is recommended for travelers to have a visit and stay in the hotel because this is hotel unique and different from the other hotel which makes competition harder for the other hotel to reach the same level as the Lake Palace hotel.

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