The History of Service and Offer Development on Ebay

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eBay Inc., which grounded in San Jose, California, is an American multinational e-commerce corporation that facilitates consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales through its online website and application software. In the year of 1995, eBay is founded by Pierre Omidyar, where he served as chairman from year 1998 to 2015 and became a noteworthy triumph of the dot-com bubble. eBay is multibillion-dollar commerce with operations in about 30 countries that included Malaysia. eBay Inc. manages the eBay website, portal, online auctions and shopping website in where people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. Thus, it connects millions of buyers and sellers. The website is free for buyers' usage, while sellers are given a limited number of free listings, but are charged fees by eBay after exceeded the limit and when the items are sold.

Firstly, eBay offered auction services and other specialty services. There are auctions in real-time, where buyers can do real-time online bidding on the items. Also, eBay has a live auction calendar to alert buyers and keep track of the auction events. This act as a reminder for buyers about the auctions in case they missed the events. To be able to bid in the eBay live auction, bidders need to register and require approval from the auction house. The online live auction enables auction-goers to bid their wanted item with a price that starts with a lower cost and can experience bidding items. Sometimes, the auction items allow 'Buy It Now' for the buyer to buy it straight away without bidding the item but mostly, the price is much more expensive. As for the sellers, which act as the auction house sell the items by auction-style can be profited by the bidders that bided the items overpriced.

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On top of eBay's auction-style sales, the website has evolved to including immediate 'Buy It Now' shopping; shopping by Universal Product Code (UPC), EAN, or other kind of SKU number; online classified advertisements via ten brands that serve difference countries, or eBay Classifieds; online tickets trading thru StubHub, the world's largest ticket marketplace; and other services. Previously, eBay offered online money transfers as part of its services via PayPal, which was a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay from 2002 to 2015. Therefore, eBay overall provides buy and sell, marketing and retailing, advertising, auction bidding, collectible tracking, and accessible worldwide of goods and services that are reasonably priced. Basically, it also allows communication between buyer and seller. Besides, eBay implemented the Strategy Information System (SIS), which are information systems developed in response to the corporate business initiative. It gave high-quality service, generated new item and saves cost. Thus, this enables eBay to attain business competitive advantage, which maintained their efficiency and strategic position over the competition.

Moreover, eBay provided with shopping cart software, which allows the user to add up to 300 items to the list. It also enables items to be filtered and compared before check out. Hence, buyers can have the opportunity to make decisions, and store items they wish to own. In addition, buyers are able to receive notifications or alerts of the items on the watch list if the listing time is going to end. The notifications can be set by the user or default.

Furthermore, eBay search engine where eBay's search algorithm is kept as a secret to avoid manipulation of the algorithm. eBay provides a saved search for users that frequently search for similar types of items to save time for always searching the items. It also keeps track of the items that user formerly searched. eBay search system has an advanced search which enables the user to search items to be more precise by refining the additional filters. This actually faster and easier way to look for a specific item between all similar items selling on eBay. eBay will send email notifications if there are new items are listed on eBay that matched users search. To add to that, the searches will also be showing in user's eBay account feed.

As for the feedback, buyers can leave feedback to sellers on eBay. eBay will remind buyers through email to leave feedback for the seller after a purchase is made. Buyers can leave an overall feedback rating: positive, neutral, or negative. Besides, feedback also can be buyers comment on rating the experience with sellers and the rate aspects of the transaction which include the item arrival time, shipping fees, quality of item, seller's communication or attitude and etc. On the other hand, sellers too can leave feedback for buyers. This enables connection between buyers and sellers, also can have improvement in both proficiencies.

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