Essay Samples on Volkswagen

Volkswagen and Their Violations of the Clean Air Act

After road tests conducted in 2015, Volkswagen (VW) was discovered to have perpetrated a diesel scandal dubbed “dieselgate” or “emissionsgate.” The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that Volkswagen, through the installation of “defeat devices” in its auto diesel engines, violated the Clean Air…

Preventing the Incident as an Employee and Employer in Volkswagen

The post reveals great disgust in Volkswagen’s emission scandal. It explores diverse critical elements that must be considered to ensure the production and delivery of quality products to the consumers. It is evident that embracing perfection and transparency as an organizational strategy massively contributed to…

The Investigation into the Volkswagen's Emission Scandal

Introduction The report would investigate and research the Volkswagen (VW) diesel car scandal that was reported worldwide in the late summer, early autumn of 2015. Upon analysis of the case scenario, the researcher would identify the legal, social, ethical and professional issues associated with the…

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