Being On Time: Importance Of Punctuality

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Reliability is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Without it, there can be lasting negative effects in all aspects of your life. Whether it be socially or within your career. Being on time lets other people know that you are reliable, and worthy of their trust and respect. It gives other people a true look on how you really see them. How much you are consistently being on time is an easy way to set yourself up for success and leave an instant good impression. It is a simple way to impress others and make yourself look good.

Being late means that you are starting off on a bad foot. It ruins others view of you. If you consistently show that you are unreliable, your chances of keeping your friendships or getting a promotion at work will be affected. Moving up in your life will not happen if people cannot respect you. Being late only weakens your position.

As a specialist in Army I am not only a role model for my new and eager peers, but also I am a big reflection of what my squad leader has instilled in me. For my peers, being late shows that I am not someone to look up to and would show that I do not care about my job. It will make my peers less eager to ask for help with important tasks. Being late in your superiors eyes is a tremendous slap in the face. It shows that one does not pay attention to small details therefore they cannot be trusted to perform bigger more trusted tasks such as being in charge of QAQC, or incharge of training new soldiers in the platoon to get ready for Air Assault School. (Which I would be very interested in if given the opportunity)

Being on time can help you feel more relaxed. Starting off the day feeling rushed, stressed, and guilty for being late only sets up the rest of your day to fail. I felt very bad and it did ruin my mood for the entirety of the day and the days that followed. I understand there is no excuse for being late as a specialists, but I think I have tried to prove to my peers, my superiors, and myself that every single day I put that uniform on that I will give it my all. I try to be the best that I can be. And in two days I have torn that all down, just by being late two times in a row. Thus is why it is very important to be on time. It not only tears a gash into my squad leaders credibility with me, but it also tears my own credibility that I have worked so long and hard at. I have gave my sweat, blood, and tears into working my way up to where I am now in the army. I am very proud of the positive impression I have left with the people I work with. It is why I am a part of the best squad in the platoon. Being late is not the action of someone who is hardworking and dedicated to completing a task at hand.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of reasons as to why it is important to be on time for work. Such as reliability, no one will rely on you to perform big tasks at work if you cannot show that you can be on time. Another reason is it gives a bad impression on others that you work with. Giving a bad impression to people that you work with will not lead you to progression and growth within the workplace. As I wrap up this essay I truly understand the impact on the importance of being on time. Yet it is a small detail, it is a detail that does not go unseen.     

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