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The Poisonousness of Gift as an Expressive Mode for Group Morality

It is interesting to note the menace implied in the etymological origin of “gift” (in German’s case, “Gift” as every single common noun is capitalized) in Germanic languages German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish and other linguistic relatives such as French and Greek, Old Norse etc....

Precious Value Of A Gift From My Grandmother

As a child, my grandmother was someone I looked up to. I mean this less in the literal sense. Her arrivals at the front door were a cause for celebration. I would leap into her open arms as a large smile appeared across her face,...

Reciprocity Of The Gift And Mauss' Obligation To Reciprocate

Introduction This essay will critically discuss reciprocity of the gift. Firstly, the essay will explain the type of the gift I have received and the relationship between me and the gift giver, the feeling I felt during the moment, how it affected our relationship and...

The Art Of Thank You Gifts on Global Thank You Day

Global Thank You Day is on January eleventh consistently. This unique day reminds us to demonstrate our gratefulness to the general population who truly have any kind of effect in our lives. There are such a large number of individuals we can offer our thanks...

The Gift-Giving Event as an Irreplaceable Part of Our Life

Gift-giving is one of the oldest human activities that became a universal behavior and an integral part of most cultures. The process of exchanging gifts in modern societies begins with the birth of a child and continues throughout the life. In between, the variety of...

The Social and Individual Factors Behind Gift Exchange

Cheating and similar opportunistic behaviour has been discussed, among others, in the context of cheap-talk games (e.g., Sutter (2009); Gneezy (2005); Charness and Dufwenberg (2006)), where experiment participants can send messages and signals that can be strategically used to deceive other experiment participants for personal...

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