Essay Samples on Branding

Graphic Design as a Proffesion as per Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson is the owner and creator of a graphic design creative studio called “KG Collective,” based in Goodrich, Michigan. His company provides many different services to its clients, including branding, design, interactive images, and motion animation. He started his company from scratch while he…

A Standards Battle In High Definition Video

This assignment covers the corporate war between Toshiba & Sony; the stakeholders were involved in the Design Dominance enforcement for their individual brands. The technology cycles today are such that they invariably select a DOMINANT DESIGN. Based on this design, the producers, retailers and all…

Individual Write Up: Samsonite Case Study

The digital revolution has sparked rapid innovation in the luggage market, as changing consumer perceptions now classify travel as a lifestyle, and view luggage as a compliment to one’s aesthetic. The $20. 9 billion industry is fueled by uncharacteristically high international travel growth, and supported…

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