The Role of Brand Products Our Life

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There are a lot of brands in the world. We often use many brand products in our life. For example, phone, sport shoes, foods, and bags. We can find brand everywhere. When you talk with your friends in the school, you can find many brands easily. Why we usually use brand products? I will show you 2 effect of brand.

First, they can have an originality. If you find a brand in a shop, you can identify it between other not famous one. Brand mark or logo have power that can give the originality to products. For example, when I take with my friends, he wears high brand shoes. I notice that the shoes are famous brand and it should be expensive. His shoes are completely different from mine and other persons. It has originality and almost all of us know that.

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Second, we have the trust for them. Many famous brands have strict rule for their products to protect high quality. Brand guarantee security of the quality. If they don’t care about quality, they will lose trust from consumers. Sometimes brand products become so expensive because of high quality. The price show that high quality of it.

Brand companies should do some strategies to produce brand effectively. Most important thing in marketing is branding. Branding can solve problems. To succeed branding, they must understand the needs of their consumers. They should to imagine what should they offer specifically. Brand companies should live up to expectations from customers.

When you want to create good brand company, you must to be careful about three things. First, product or service perform as expected. Second, quality as good as promised or better. As I spoke it some time ago, brand companies should sustain quality of product to protect consumers trust. First and second are very important for brand value. Customer expect good service because they believe brand name and quality. Next, customer experience positively. This mean is making loyal customers. High quality brand gives people something to believe in. They give people positive experience and plant good images into consumers memories. It will make loyal customers that will be long term customer. This kind of customer are very important for the high brand company. Because loyal customer will buy brand products many times. They know the products how good it is.

Branding is effective strategy for companies. But if they don’t use brand name effectively, they will lose customers trust easily. Once they lose trust, that will be very hard to restore it. For example, when I was a child, one of the Japanese candy factory lost their trust. Because the company couldn’t prevent contamination. They had to do voluntary collection of the products which have problem. They must show their faithfulness to the consumer to get their trust again. Even though their effort, it takes a long time to fix their relations with customer.

In conclusion, branding is strategy of the marketing. Strategic branding read to a strong brand equality. It will add value to your company’s products or service. Brand name is proof of the trust from customers. They believe the quality of the products, and they will pay the high price to get good product and relief. Brand company should create their brand image which is effective to make good impression. Because the impression is connected directly with customer’s trust. It is very important thing because customer’s trust will affect sales. Once the brand company lose their trust, it will take a long time to restore it. They can’t sell their products and sales fall. So, they have to keep customer’s trust to run the brand company. 

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