Essay Samples on Waste

Reducing Food Waste In Victoria

Introduction Worldwide, 1/3 of the food produced is thrown away without eating (FAO 2011). This report discusses food waste as a factor that hinders food sustainability (scenario b) among households in Victoria, Australia. The objective of this report is to evaluate existing strategies that have…

Biogas Production Potential From Mixed Retail Wastes

I was studying Master of Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control at Griffith University when I completed this task. During my master studies, I gained much interest on wastewater treatment especially on the importance of nitrogen and its flow in waste streams. Therefore, worked as a…

The Benefits Of Recycling Program

My name is Amber Garbs and I am a sophomore at Lamar University who has a keen interest in making the world a better place for future generations. Here at Lamar we participate in a thing called LU Green which encourages students to recycle in…

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