Essay Samples on Manufacturing

Automation: Stealing Jobs or Creating Them

In 1722, the lathe -the mother of machines- was invented. This invention lit the spark of automation in general and the western industrial revolution specifically. From that time till this day, thousands of machines and tools have been created and invented to optimize and facilitate...

Volvo`S Vehicles Worldwide Manufacturing Group

Volvo`s vehicles worldwide Manufacturing group guarantees that the autos hereby they assemble to meet and afterward surpass the best standards as for their clients. In Volvo Cars company it is got together and part plants everywhere throughout the world, organization work with lean, perfect and...

Use of Drones in the World of Logistics

What are Drones? It is an unmanned areal vehicle that that can be used for surveillance, delivering goods, traffic monitoring anda many other reasons. Growth in the drone industry Earlier, drones were only available to military organizations. Apart from military purposes they were also used...

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