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Genericide Concept and How It Applies to Google and Branding

The word ‘google’ has entered our modern-day terminology as a verb used to describe searching for something on the Internet. This sounds harmless, however, from the perspective of trademark laws and branding, this has become a problem for Google because of the concept of ‘genericide’....

The Rise and Sudden Closure of Biggest Toy Manufacturer, Toys R US

As we know Toys R Us have selling toys in store for almost 70 years however as the technology changes over the years, toys industry trends also changed. The arrival of PC games and apps indirectly compete with the toys in the store. This is...

Economic Laws and Requirements for Trademarking

A trademark is a intellectual property right that consists of signs that identify a product subject to trade. A trademark meaning and function can be seen from two angles, it makes it possible for the customer to make a difference between two or more products...

Trademark as a Way to Prove the Ownership of Intellectual Property

Introduction Intellectual Property (IP) law, is a legal form of protection that gives right to owners to stop others from selling, recreating, importing or using his/her creations. Most business relies heavily on bright and sustainable ideas which often associates with contriving new products, creating a...

Infingement of Intellectual Property and Trademark Infringement

Abstract Summary Over 50 years ago, Bertram Company ltd started manufacturing a herbal oil recipe that was derived from the mainland China and developed into miracle herbal oil which give the people relief from several problems like muscle pain, headaches, nasal congestion and gain a...

The Main Trademark Of Traditional Chinese Architecture

Architecture, by definition, is the art or practice of designing and building structures, especially habitable ones. However, architecture is so much more than it is generalized to be. It isn’t just about the design and construction of buildings; they are a manifestation of the human...

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