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Seeing The Value Of Human Life With Human Cloning

Humans have been known for making lives in its easiest state. Their ability to innovate and explore several things has taken over the world more than what we could imagine. A lot of times, specifically in the field of science and technology, where people have...

The Three Valued Logic as a Type of Nonclassical Logic

In the 1920s and 1930s, Three valued logic that belongs to the family of nonclassical logic was introduced. The idea prompted by the logicians was that it is not necessary that all the sentences need to be true or false, but some sentences can be...

The Surprising Value of Guilt as a Human Emotion

I consider guilt to be an extremely valuable emotion. It helps people maintain connections to friends, family, and more. Experiencing guilt can cause one to have to repair relationships and learn from their mistakes. Every action and choice in life is followed by a consequence....

Values as the Principles of an Individual

In the sense of ethical morality, values signify the importance of an object or action, based on what you perceive as morally correct. One’s values can be carved out before them by their parents, who ingrain rules by shaping their lives during childhood. Societal and...

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