Logo Form the Unique Personality of the Brand

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Brand identity is simply the compilation of the aspects that a business assembles which depict the right image to its customers. These aspects all together form the unique personality of the brand. Many refer to the logo as being the brand, but the logo alone does not make up the entirety of the brand, it is only a part of it.

The first thing people are most likely to recognise about your brand is the logo. This is usually how people identify different companies. Since people tend to quickly respond to visually appealing imagery, the logo should aim to stand out and catch the consumers eye instantly. Your logo must be classic and during its developments it should remain classic throughout. You want your logo to make a longstanding impression.

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Studies have shown that there is a psychological link between people and colours. How you utilise these colours and the psychology behind them can help strengthen your brand and pull in customers. Here are some examples of what some colours mean and what they can do for your brand. This colour usually resembles money and environment. It may be used in sectors such as trading, environmentally friendly companies and fuel. Green also symbolises nature, tranquillity, good health growth and overall positivity. It has also been found that green increases readability for potential consumers.

Often represents cheerfulness, youthfulness and fun. It is used by brands targeted towards children such as Fanta, Nickelodeon and Penguin. Orange is bold and full of energy. It grabs your attention but in a warm and inviting way, as opposed to red for example. There is no doubt that grey is dull because of the absence of colour, however, in these modern times grey is the way to go. Grey is high tech. Grey is clean. Grey is graceful. This colour is seen most in car logos and technology companies such as Apple. It is a neutral colour that represents professionalism, timelessness and efficiency.

Like it or not, pink is often partnered with femininity. When targeting a mostly female audience, this is usually a good place to start. Pink is also associated with sexuality, romance and sweetness. When most people think ‘Pink’ they think of sweets, flowers and dolls such as the brand Barbie. Pink is the way to go if you are wanting to grab the attention of most little girls, however, it can come across as patronising and offensive to assume all girls like pink so be careful!

In order to make a brand successful, they must be consistent. It is easier to recognise a brand if when it changes, the changes are not so significant that we can no longer recognise it. They must also be consistent in your marketing to ensure consistency in sales. Also when developing a brand, it is important that the company lay out what they believe in, what the hope to achieve, recognise their strengths and weaknesses and what sets them apart from everyone else and how best they can out-do their competition. This ensures continuous growth in sale and the consumers’ confidence in the company if the brand know who they are and what they stand for.

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