The Inspiration of Car Brands on the Modern World

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According to the multi-platform publisher of news called U.S. News and World Report Mercedes Benz is one of the top 5 best luxury car brands in the world. It is well known as one of the highest and most prestigious brand in the automotive world. The central focus of this brand vehicle is always the luxury and the performance that is behind it and showing it to the world in a manner that when the word Mercedes Benz is even pronounced a test drive is not even necessary because the buyer already knows what they are getting into. But not many people see the work ethic behind the person of how or what inspired him to obtain such a car. Mercedes Benz created an advertisement featuring world known rapper Asap Rocky and his intensely emotional past childhood and what he went through in order to get to his success.

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Inside the advertisement they show us Their modern slogan stating “Grow up “and “Get a job” Although Mercedes Benz advertises the product without showing it, I claim that the advertisement convinces young people to get inspire through hard work and believe that dreams can come true at a price and get a Benz after through the use of pathos, ethos and logos. In the Mercedes Benz commercial that features a very known rapper Asap Rocky, pathos is used to convince the audience by the empathy of the story that he dictates in the advertisement. The commercial starts by setting the mood by sleek, dark, and dull visuals depicting his childhood in flash backs while in the background music is this beat that is stuck in his head all throughout his life. The beat represents the inspiration of his success and the feeling of the responsibility that his brother left him when he passed away. As a kid he always wanted to be a rapper but many people little do they know that a great deal of sacrifices that were made in the process to get to his goal and get whatever he wanted which in this case is the Benz. Asap Rocky follows his passion, which we are all taught as kids, but he does it in a really modern way. They are not directly advertising the brands name. They are really advertising the lifestyle behind obtaining this luxury car. The feeling of “I made it” when you sit and drive a Benz. This feeling may convince young people to actually dedicate their hard work and sacrifices and become who ever they want to be. Mercedes Benz itself symbolizes success, Prestige, and class. Mercedes does a good job making this ad very emotional and personal to rocky because not only they depict his brother’s death but the inspiration that he got out of it. To put something very personal and emotional in an advertisement helps enormously to grab the reader’s attention and feel inspired.

Asap rocky and Mercedes Benz collaborate together to bring the audience credibility behind a spokesman (Asap Rocky) that went through it all. Having Asap rocky in the advertisement makes it prestigious for young people to own a Mercedes. Asap has become a huge, successful modern icon around the modern world today. Which in the advertisement Rocky represents ethical appeal. It gives the advertisement credibility since people believe in famous people for the huge amount of respect they have earned. Here it is shown through the eyes of Asap rocky and his own experience that he had to go through in order to obtain success working himself from the bottom all the way to the top. Mercedes does an incredible job by advertising their product without even showing it. Advertising this product this way can be very effective because it forces the viewer and the advertisement to focus more outside of the box. This advertisements does an excellent job in going beyond the product by putting real life scenarios in it. It uses Rocky’s experience to inspire young people that everything is going to be alright with hard work and determination behind it. The slogans “grow up” and “get a Job” are the main slogans that Mercedes puts in for a reason in this specific advertisement. Its trying to persuade the attended audience that it is not only about getting what you want but the story behind of how you got it.

Although it’s a very complicated form of marketing, but yet very effective because this announcement is not the typical “Hey we have a big offer this year for you, come down and get it now!” kind of commercial but more with a logic to it. Asap Rocky uses logos as well to convince the audience by the use of logic or reason in the quote stating this: “I guess when you are young, you can be anything you want to choose” This quote brings life into the advertisement with a concoction of logic reasoning because it allows the intended audience to understand and think that when they were once young kids they thought the same way. It brings in logos because now in days we teach kids to get inspired in a way that they have to work extremely hard and that nothing comes easy. Another quote by him says “but as you get older, all of those options start to narrow down and before you know it, every choice you make comes with a consequence.” This quotes brings logic appeal to the plate because it convinces the viewer the reality of life and how day by day minute by minute our life’s are slowly deteriorating by our choices. These quotes gives rational thinking because we often see these cases often with the youth of today.

We start of as innocent kids and end up growing up and making choices that do not benefit us. The excellence of Mercedes Benz creativity is genuinely shown by logic reasoning to the outside world. Mercedes Benz advertisements effectively convinces the viewers to get inspired by all the sacrifices and hard work they have done and own a Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes Benz automobile brand has gained world wide recognition through its well marketing by its rhetorical appeals. From the death of his brother and keeping the beat in him or inspiration in him, Mercedes Benz does a fantastic job putting Asap rocky, a world known icon, to promote a very world known prestigious brand. Rocky’s experience influences the intended audience to buy a Benz with the success that they have accumulated during their Lifespan. This millennial generation that we live today needs inspiration in a certain manner that they can find within themselves. What Mercedes Benz does with this commercial it encourages adolescence, it tries to bring hope and build a young, self confident generation. This interpretive, immense art contributes not only by promoting what the sellers and buyers want to hear but within everything, it contributes in society and To the inspiration in the modern world.

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