Police Vs. Wanted Criminal: Thief Car Escape 2019

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Do you love to play police car chasing games ? Are you a fan of police racer games? If yes then play this amazing Police vs Wanted Criminal: thief car escape 2018 game. May be you played many police chasing games and perform the role of honest cop. But in this police racing game your role will be as a criminal gangster. Your task is to rob the city bank and escape the highway police racer. The cops cars will follow you. Don’t listen to police siren. Don’t let them to busted you on city off-road.

You will not have too much time so escape the cops and run away. Don’t let them to lock down the city highway. Be like a real gangster and bring the money to safe place in this police cops driving game. Inthis great criminal escape game you are in a city where you have to rob a bank. Make a great plan to do a robber. Choose your car buddy and ask them for robbery. Prepare your weapons to fight with guards and break the locker of the bank like a police car wala gunda. Start your luxury police drivers car and go to the bank. After robbery escape the city for your survival. Smash the police cars with your gateway racer car. They will chase you to arrest you and rescue the money. Police officers have luxury 4×4 cop car. They will reach the bank within no time. So don’t let them to make difficulties for you. You are a professional criminal mad gangster. Escape this police chase run for your life. If they come closer to you smash their police pursuit prado very hard. Use flying wheels of the car to escape the city very fast. The highway police racer squad will also try to busted you. They will close the off-road tracks if you don’t drive fast. The city fashion police officer is very honest. They will shoot you if they saw you in this police gadi wali adventure. Make this drifty chase more excited with your hot cars. The super cops have busted many hardcore criminals. But you are a master thief and you know how to run away from them in this best car chase games.

You are a real gangster and your task is to rob a famous bank of the city. Prepare your team and make a proper plan. Rob the bank and take the money. Don’t not hurt anyone until they do any resistance. After that start your car in this grand crime patrol adventure. The police hot cars will follow you on chase freedom highway. They will start cops theme song to stop you. But don’t listen to their police siren. Just run away with money. The police agent wants to shoot you. Save yourself from them and reach to your place in this chor police racer simulation. They will try to shoot your car to busted brakes. Drive your car like a real action mafia criminal. Make the robbery plan successful by escape the cops. Avoid the hidden cameras on city gateway. Make this robbery game the best game of all time. Play this best games of the week 2018 and run for your life. If the police officer arrest you then they will punish you in prison for life time. Smash police cars on highway roads in this best game of the year. The city cops are too dangerous. They will not think twice to shoot you. In this police car games 3d 2018 your task is to take the money safely to the decided place.

Choose he path with monkey wrench to escape. You are a genius thief in this police racing car game.

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