The Development Of Self Driving Cars

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Throughout the world, there are new technology being developed. Technology is becoming more advanced before our eyes. For example, a new technology that is taking everything by a storm is the self driving cars. The concept of having self driving is mesmerizing to people. Having a car that drives by itself can hold many advantages. These cars can be safer for the world and the environment. A self-driving car could allow a person, who is intoxicated, to be safer around the environment. It could solve the number of deaths the world has gained from carless driving. Being in a self-driving car could also save people time. People in this world are very busy and they can not wait around for those taxis and Ubers, as they can be very expensive. Self driving cars can allow a person to have time to rest while still getting where they are going. While this may seem unsafe, there is evidence to support that the cars are more beneficial than the vehicles we have today.

In today’s world, having a self-driving car is very beneficial. A major advantage with the cars would that make the road safer for pedestrians. In Text 1, Professor Robert W. Peterson of the Center for Insurance Law and Regulation at Santa Clara University School of Law states that “Over 90% of accidents today are caused by drivers error,” because a computer made equipment is made to obey and be cautious of its surroundings, these self-driving cars can be saving the lives of pedestrians and drivers. Another advantage is that it can help disabled people. Disabled people often have a disadvantage when it comes to mobility. These cars can ensure them things that standard driving cars do not provides.

However, sometimes these driving cars have disadvantages. The self-driving cars are putting people like taxi and other people who drive for a company out of business. In text 3, it claims that “there were about 178,000 people employed as taxi drivers or chauffeurs in the United States”. One driverless technology advances to the point that vehicles can be fully autonomous- without the need for any behind the wheel in case of emergencies (text 3). This can basically wipe out all the driving jobs there is. Taxi drivers have made 4,579,499,400 dollars in total annual wages. (Text 3).

Sadly, 33,561 people were killed in car crashes and 2.36 million were injured in the united states, 90% of the crashes were caused by human interaction and not technology mistakes. Technology would take human driver errors out of the world problem.

In conclusion, a self- driving car has it benefits for the world and economy. It brings safeness and this will reduce accidents. It can open a whole new world of driving and car technology. The new technology can make things more effective. These new technology would make the economy more advanced and save multiple lives.  

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