The History of Street Racing

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Street Racing is an illegal form to race cars on public roads. Street racing is one of the best sports that has become more famous over the years. Some people like racing on public roads, but in the end it might be dangerous. If you break the rules of the road, that can be even more dangerous because you will have the police after you. Young people originally made street racing popular in the United States. Street racing has become very popular over the years. In the 1950’s street racing was when it became more popular in the United States when C. J. Hart first brought street racing to Orange county, California (Webster). Throughout the years, drivers are finding out new way to race their cars on public roads.

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According to Sandra Webster, some drivers might sometimes organize the races where they plan out their races and even block the streets usually late night or early in the morning. The most common type of race is where both drivers pull up to each other, either at a stop sign or at a traffic light(Webster). These kinds or races can cause large accidents and lots of problems, not only to the racers, but also to the spectators who are watching the races. Street racing can be a big cause for deaths in the United States. According to Bill Loomis, speeding cars were not a big a problem so they could race, but the situation grew quickly.

As early as 1908, auto accidents were quickly recognized as a major problem(Loomis). Cars were becoming a big problem because of all people doing illegal street racing casing major accidents. In two months alone, thirty-one people were killed because of speeding accidents and many other were injured, according to Bill Loomis. Most drivers think there’s no way to hurt other people, but accidents really can happen at anytime, especially when spectators go watch the races. The best thing they could do is install traffic lights and stop sign to prevent more speeding accidents. According to Bill Loomis, Detroit was the first city to use traffic signals and stop signs to prevent speeding. Speeding made a big impact of deaths in the United States. Street racing has many consequences if you don't follow the street rules. Most of all street racers don’t respect the street rules. According to Bill Loomis, Detroit was the first city to have a police squad dedicated to traffic control. Because of this, street racers would have stop disrespecting laws and find it harder to organize races. Laws vary from state to state, but if caught participating in a illegal street race, you may suffer hard consequences.

Sometimes, you'll get arrested, and your car can be impounded for up to thirty day(Webster). This law worked because whenever someone would get caught street racing, they would impound their car so they don't have anything to race with. Street racing grew faster in the 1900s when more and more young men were out on the streets doing illegal racing. Street racing eventually became more rare, as growing consequences and punishments scared racers to finally abide by the law.

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