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The Blogging Alternatives to the Tumblr Platform

Sharing information has become an easy task these days as the internet has grown to a great extent since the past few years. You can find many ways of sharing information by using different websites and apps. Social networking has become a thing these days...

The Court Case of Tumblr Against Yahoo and Its Aftermath

Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” In a single sentence, the man who gave us Alice in Wonderland fully summed up the issues in the 2013 acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo. At the time,...

Creation of the Safer and Child-Friendly Space on Tumblr

In 2007 Tumblr started a community by providing users with a space for self-expression. Users could remain as anonymous as they wanted. They could truly post whatever they wanted, whether that be cute gifs of dogs, writing blog posts to express their views, or adult...

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