The Blogging Alternatives to the Tumblr Platform

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Sharing information has become an easy task these days as the internet has grown to a great extent since the past few years. You can find many ways of sharing information by using different websites and apps. Social networking has become a thing these days through which you can share literally everything, be it pictures, videos or multimedia. But due to the countless information available on the internet, people often get confused on what platform to rely on for a particular information. This is the reason why almost everyone these days, starting from an individual to big companies and firms have their own blogs. Having an own blog has become a necessity to share their ideas, thoughts and communicating other important things with the readers in any easy way through internet. Though you can find numerous blogging platforms, Tumblr, which is a microblogging and social networking site is the most popular one. However, if you are not so much into using tumblr, you can go for the tumblr alternatives. Here in this article you can find the top 5 alternatives to Tumblr in 2019. These are for the people who are looking for a change in blogging platform. So here you go!


One cannot fail to mention the WordPress site when talking about the blogging platforms. It is by far the most popular alternative to Tumblr that needs to be considered. It is a unique platform which can be used without any difficulty by beginners as well. This is the reason most people who try blogging for the very first time prefer to use WordPress as their platform. It comes in two variants - the one that can be installed on a web serves, a free open source script based CMS (content management system) and the other which can be used to start blogging instantly, the freemium blogging platform. WordPress is an extremely reliable blogging platform with strong features of administration and support. But it can sometimes get complicated especially when there are multiple scripts and custom plugins in your blog. The web based post editor in it does not provide the best results sometimes. Keeping the few negative aspects aside, this website is customizable with a large number of themes and plug-ins that enhance functionality. You can expect SEO, social network integration and custom integration from WordPress.

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Blogger is one best platform for those who are looking for a user friendly blogging platform. It is one best alternative to Tumblr and is owned by Google which makes it a reliable platform. You can find options of detailed statistics like traffic sources, monthly page views etc in Blogger. This web based editor allows up to a 100 blogs for each account. You can also have an easy monetization with the Google Adsense program that too with complete integration. Those who have faced the bad UI of Blogger have good news now. This problem has been resolved with an update and it is now one of the best looking Tumblr alternatives. But with its upsides, Blogger also comes its downsides like a limited plugin support and a less number of themes that makes the customizing option a drawback. Moreover, Blogger does not allow hosting your blog on a web-server. However, these features are not a problem for people who are looking to blog occasionally and for those who don't prefer to invest in hosting and customizing features. Blogger also has a feature of multi user support like posting through emails and supporting comments with permissions. Therefore, this makes it a good platform for occasional blogging.


If you are someone looking to support an upcoming platform, you should definitely consider Posthaven as your blogging platform. The reason behind people not choosing Posthaven is due to its price. You should be paying a monthly price of 5 dollars to maintain a blog account that has up to 10 blogs. Also, unlike any other paid sites that offer a free trial of a month, Posthaven does not do that. This makes it a less chosen option. Nevertheless, those of you looking for a reliable platform that can stick around, Posthaven is a good option. They say that their service will never ever get sold or acquired aims to last forever. Posthaven is a platform created by the Posterous owner and provides the users with features like password to protect ones blog, email notifications regarding any activity that took place in the blog. As Posthaven is still a developing website, it offers only minimal features and sparse information. People who would like to support upcoming blogging platforms and those who do not mind to pay a little price on a promising platform can go with Posthaven for blogging. It also has future goals like permanent post links though the user stop paying for it.


Are you a twitter fan or a twitter addict? If yes, here is a good news for you. Mastodon is just like twitter. You get to follow people of your interest and get followed by people who see you as their interest. It is also similar in terms of creating a post on the website. So this is definitely a Tumblr alternative you should be checking out. Just as in Tumblr, you like, comment and repost the posts of others you like. It already has a lot of users as it is an open source. However, you may not find its interface similar to that of Tumblr, but it does come with plenty of common features. Mastodon is a large decentralized community that offer ad free facility and non algorithmic feed to the users. It has has committed serves to each type of content. If you do not like to see ads or get distracted by them while blogging, Mastodon platform is the one for you. It will ensure you a complete ad free experience. This is what makes it one of the best social media platforms. You can create all your posts easily with the hot keys present here that makes you capable of doing a lot more just by using the keyboard. Though it might seem a bit confusing to use Mastodon in the beginning, you will get used to it in a short time.


Most of you might know, Medium is a platform founded by the CEO of Twitter. It gained a lot of popularity just with in the initial years. It has been just 4 years now and it is considered to be one of the best blogging platforms you can find on the internet. Medium focuses mostly on the quality of the content that makes it a unique platform. Besides that, it also focuses on how the readers connect to the stories published in it instead of traffic and views. It also offers features like keyboard shortcuts, sharing links of the article and option to set visibility, tags etc which make it a minimalistic text editor. There are also built-in stats in order to check user engagement on the posts. The above features make Medium a great platform for people who would like to share good words to the readers. They can make their posts privates as well so that it does not appear to people other than those of their circle and they can make it public whenever they wish to. There is also an option to follow and tag people like popular authors in your posts. But the drawback is that there is almost no customization and even the Google analytics support is not available. As Medium offers content rich in quality, people who are more inclined towards quality content and interactions driven by the posts can use it as an alternative to Tumblr.

So now that you have an idea of the alternatives to Tumblr you can opt for the one as per your needs. If the above given ones do not interest you, you can go for other Tumblr alternatives like Ghost, Typepad and Soup. These are also some of the best sites if you are looking for a Tumblr alternative. Though Tumblr is a unique blogging platform, there are other one that could totally get your job done. Also, most of its users are teenagers, so if you want to maintain a serious blog, try out the other ones. You will get to know that they are no less than Tumblr in many ways. Decide which one of them you would like to start with and try them out for yourself.

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