Improvement Of Life Quality Of The Hamilton Road Community

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The Hamilton Road community appears to have a diverse physical environment with two-thirds of the community older in appearance while the other third located on the outskirts of London seems to be expanding with many new homes being built. The majority of buildings and homes closer to downtown appear to be unkempt or rundown with a number of corporate strips close by which appeared to be abandoned as well. This speaks to the income of individuals in this area who may be unable to afford to keep a business open or upkeep their homes. This can affect the health of the overall community as individuals of low income in the area may be unable to afford adequate health care or medication.

In addition, residents of this community may be trying to compensate for low income by working longer hours which could take a toll on their mental well-being as they have less time for personal health and social interaction. Furthermore, the safety of the community closer to the city seemed to be lacking with little security cameras noticeable and some minor vandalization to stores located in the area.

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This can affect healthy childhood development and may take a toll on children in the area if they are exposed to crime or violence at such a young age. The Hamilton Road community also had many bus stops located throughout the majority placed closer to the city giving the residents in the area valuable access to a method of transportation as many most likely rely on public transportation to get around due to the fact that residents may be unable to afford a car because of the low-income and job opportunities in the area.

On the outskirts of the community, our group observed a noticeable change in the Hamilton area as we moved away from the city, the homes were much newer with lots of trees and greenery located in this more suburban neighbourhood of Hamilton Road. Representing the income disconnect between the residents residing in this area as opposed to downtown. This noticeable difference illustrates the divide in the community's overall income and social status affecting the health of its members living closer to downtown as some may not have the financial means to buy healthy food, new clothing, or safe and sufficient housing.

While residents on this side of the Hamilton community are more likely to have a better overall quality of health as individuals in this area are of higher income and will have access to better health care as well as be able to afford healthier foods and other necessities. In addition, there were more parks and outdoor green spaces such as a creek, golf course and outdoor adventure park located in this area.

Providing residents clean outdoor space which improves early childhood development of youth in the area by providing places where families and youth can go to connect. However, this area seemed to be lacking sidewalks in some areas and had less access to public transportation as there were fewer bus stops located this far from the city.

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