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What My Hispanic Identity Means to Me

A person’s identity is shaped by many elements such as nationality, physical appearance, race, ethnic group, religion, and language. All of these elements may affect one’s identity but only few of them affect them significantly. Being born in the Hispanic culture has really taught me...

Guernica: The History and Its Artistic Depiction

The circumstances leading to the Spanish Civil War had been brewing for years but in July 1936, the war officially began. It quickly became one of the most savage conflicts in twentieth-century Europe with an estimated 200,000 killed between 1936-39. The underlying cause was ultimately...

The 80Th Anniversary Of The Spanish Civil War

“Memory isn’t a duty but a civil right that has to be protected” said historian Richard Vinyes upon the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. The basic right of being able to access an objective historical narrative about one’s own nation is a concept...

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