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Eileen Barker’s Research Methods in The Making of a Moonie: Choice or Brainwashing

In this essay, I will examine Eileen Barker’s research methods in her work on the Moonies and evaluate the practical, ethical and theoretical considerations of data collection with reference to one primary method. I will discuss the methods that Barker used in her research, the...

Research Methods in Social Work and Domestic Abuse

Introduction Research within Social work is a methodical and attentive means of gathering evidence to validate any areas of ambiguity which require further investigation into any social group (Blaxter et al 1996 cited in Carey 2009) The purpose of such research Is to affirm, or...

Examining the Research Methods Utilized in Case Studies

Question 1 Surveys. One of the research methods used in accumulating the data is by surveys. In this case, data and information was presented was collected from a large group of people by means of interviews and telephoning. The data entailed determining opinions of people...

Settlement Houses: Providing Social And Educational Services To The Immigrants

The Progressive Era brought us settlement houses that were opened to for help to the immigrant’s that are in need with social and educational services. The term Hull House (Which is the Settlement Houses) which was named after Mr. Hull, was in Chicago's Nineteenth Ward....

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