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Significant Changes in the Adult Social Care

Personalisation is the promotion of individualism which first originated from neoliberalism, it consists of autonomy and choice that is driven by one’s own preferences. (May, Cloke &Johnsen, 2005). Due to lack of funding for social care services, there has been a lot of pressure for...

History of Social Care in the 20th Century Ireland

In this essay I will discuss the marriage bar in Ireland and how it influenced Ireland around the twentieth century and what it meant and how it managed to happen and what knock on affects of it. The Marriage bar is to carry out and...

Studies on Postpartum Family Planning Services

Family planning has gained a massive amount of audience due to the recent rapid increase in the populations. Ever since, it has been recognized as one of the pillars in the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) (1). Family planning, as a whole, is an aspect...

Personalisation as the Preffered Social Care Method

Due to growing population and longer life expectancy, in December 2007 the policy of personalisation has been actively pursued across all four British countries (Dunning, 2008). Drawing on the work of the disability movement, personalisation aims to increase the levels of choice and control for...

Health And Social Care: Communicating With Residents In The Nursing Home

This nursing home has 42 residents ranging from 64 to 98 years old. Due to the different needs, communicating with each resident has to be person centred to their requirements. "!There are different forms of communication which are classed as Verbal or Non-verbal. "Verbal communication...

Safety Issues And Primary Care For The Workers

The model WHS Act defines Persons Conducting a Business or Undertakings (PCBUs) as the people with primary care for the workers. It further explains that the care is not only applicable to employees but also to contractors, trainees, apprentices, and employees of a labor hire...

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