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Porter Five Forces Model Analysis of eBay

eBay is an online shopping site that’s best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. It’s also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel. eBay was one of the original online shopping experiences. As the years go by more...

The Impacts of Online Shopping

If you were to ask someone ten years ago if they thought online shopping would become more popular than in store shopping, they would most likely think you were crazy for even asking something like that. Online shopping has become popular over the last few...

The Possible Impacts of Costco's Expansion in China

Introduction Costco Wholesale Corporation ( trading as Costco) is an American retail corporation which operates an international chain of membership-only warehouses. According to Morgan Stanley analysts, the success of the retail giant depends on ‘quality and quantity at the lowest possible price’. This report will...

The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising Towards Amazon

Executive Summary Through this research, we will understand that the effectiveness of online advertising towards Amazon and identify the advertising can create customers satisfaction among online customers in Malaysia. Customers satisfaction is important for business to earn more profits and gain customers’ loyalty. Customers’ loyalty...

The Reasons Customers Prefer Online Shopping

Sultan and Henrichs (2000) in his study mentioned that the purchaser’s ability to and inclination for embracing the internet as his or her shopping medium was additionally emphatically identified with income, family unit size, and creativity. Sais. T. & Balaji, M. S. (May 2009), disclosed...

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