Why Online Shopping Is Better Than In Store Shopping: a Comparison

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Information and communication technologies have a huge influence on modern society, changing how as well as where people work, shop and other ways of our lives. It is not a surprise to see how people are now choosing online shopping instead of in-store shopping. Especially in this pandemic and new norm, there are just too many procedures to even get yourself food. But, it is crystal clear that both online and in-store shopping are convenient and essential to human life. We are going to compare and contrast both of these ways of shopping in this essay to explore why online shopping is better than in store shopping.

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In store shopping vs Online shopping 

Online shopping definitely would save your time while in-store shopping, on the other hand, is much more time-consuming. With only a tap and a click of your fingertip, you can purchase the items you are eyeing for. It is undoubtedly a convenient, faster and easier way to place an order. For traditional shopping, it is certain that you have to get ready, go through the traffic and to deal with crowds. To give you an idea, all you need to do is search for the item you are looking for and proceed to pay for the item using online banking or any payment method that is easy for you to access. Overall, the hours you spent on traditional shopping could be reduced to seconds with online shopping.

Furthermore, online shopping gives you the best large selection while in-store shopping gives you limited choice which items are restricted to what is being displayed in the store. Among the advantages of online shopping is that it allows you to make your choice from multiple online platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Zalora and others. In contrast, in-store shopping only offers you limited choices that you can only get at the store right away. You can find goods that are not available in the physical store on any online shopping platform. To illustrate, homemade products can only be found through online shopping. This is due to the complicated procedures of bringing their creation to market. Altogether, online shopping offers a broad range of selection for the consumers.

Moreover, it is pretty clear that both methods of shopping cost differently. Through online shopping, you are able to find products that are not discounted in a physical store and can get a cheaper price of the same product that you are seeking for. Reason for this is that some online stores offer vouchers and coupons with minimum purchase. For example, you can get a few bucks off if you redeem the vouchers given by a particular store such as when you purchase electronic devices while in-store shopping, you might have to pay extra for the tax. Added to that, you also have to visit the store physically, meaning that you have to pay for transportation expenses, as well as parking fees. Undeniably, online shopping costs you less than what traditional shopping does.


All in all, both online and in-store shopping have its own advantages and drawbacks. The convenience, the ability to choose your goods from various online platforms and the reasonable cost that you have to pay, all lead to the conclusion that online shopping is the best way to go in this modern world. After all, it is yours to choose which way you are more comfortable to do your shopping.

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