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The Effectiveness of Internal Audit Control

This piece of writing is about the proposal of the research where the topic is evaluation of the effectiveness of internal audit control and its impact on profits in UAE banking sector, case of ADIB. The proposal will give brief information on the future target...

Evaluation of a Risk-Based Internal Auditing and Control

In recent years, risk taking and its management has taken on a new dimension. This is why business owners are starting to have a sound risk management strategy, something that the board are responsible for (IOD, 2009: 73–76), but that internal auditors need to ensure...

SWOT Analysis of the Organization's Internal Control Mechanisms

A vital tool when regarding the internal analysis of an organisation is the SWOT analysis. This acronym stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses tend to be a result of internal factors, whereas opportunities and threats are usually a result of external...

Advantages of German Cost Accounting Software

Management Cost Accounting Summary Management Cost Accountants are those help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a business performance, whereas the regulators such as the financial analysts and auditors are the players who check the scorekeepers at a bridge game. It is a such...

Internal and External Controls Violations in The Malaysia Development Brand Scandal

Internal controls serve as an armor for companies and organizations. Internal and external controls play a significant role in any business and ensuring that the inherent risk/limitations are mitigated. There are many internal and external controls that can be placed within and organization. Establishing internal...

The Impact of Whistleblowing on Internal Controls in Organisations

A whistle is usually blown to get attention that will lead to subsequent action relating to the reason for which the whistle is blown. The person who blows the whistle could be referred to as a whistle-blower. The act of blowing the whistle to get...

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