Overview of Policies Adopted by Q Ltd

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Q ltd is in the production of washing powder, liquid soaps and basic household needs. Q ltd has various branches across various parts of the African continent. The firm prides itself to produce the best of quality while ensuring environmental safety, compatibility and international standards and specification. From research it shows that Q ltd is very large hence they tend to have big operations due to the number of outstations it has in other parts of the African continent and beyond. Our focus is going to be on their branch in Ghana. Due to their operations they fall heavily on heavy machinery and equipment’s to go about their work since they are production driven. With every manufacturing industry there is the need for raw materials or inputs which would be used to feed the production plants to begin the process of production. Q ltd purchases inputs for the production of its various products such bar soaps, washing powder, liquid soap and other products. Information gathered from an interview with one of the low-level managers, is that Q ltd produces on average about 2000units of washing powder, 3000 units for liquid soap, and 4500 units of bar soap each day. Q ltd depends highly on power to produce its product and most often there are a lot of power outages which hinder the process of production and other sectors of the firm and this is a current major challenge for Q ltd and due to this they are not able to meet their production targets and customer demand which puts a strain on the firm.

After production, Q ltd transports the finished products to the various warehouses for storage and record keeping, before they are later transported to the various distribution centers for the final consumer to come and purchase. Now aside the machinery for production, firm Q has invested in information technology devices to be able record, process, measure and produce meaningful information for top management to be able to make decisions for the firm. Now the equipment’s cuts across every sector of the firm from; accounting, marketing, IT, human resource and operations. Every sector is fully furnished with powerful desktop computers, printers, photocopying machines, projectors, air-conditioners and super speed internet services to make it easy for management and staff of Q ltd to work efficiently and effectively. In addition, staff within the marketing sector and operations have been provided with tablets to aid them in their field work.

The nature of firm Qs operations requires that it takes IT seriously by providing the IT infrastructure needed by staff to work well but then Q ltd has for the past year been experiencing some power outages which disrupts their production process and administrative work. Due to the power issues they have been losing company data whenever the power goes off and this has also rendered some of the production plants non-functional, which is to say they have been damaged beyond repairs and this has placed a financial strain on Q ltd. Also, management has noticed that the devices given to staff members within the marketing and operations department have been rendered non-functional due to their carelessness. From the current situation that has arisen within the firm, management has decided to implement a “bring your own device policy”. This policy seeks to support staff members to bring their own devices such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops to be used for work. Considering the current state of the firm the management is making plans to pull this off since it can’t afford to replace the devices for its staff when they are damaged, but then this policy would serve as a check for them to be responsible of their devices whiles on the job and also even when the power goes off they would not lose their records while working.

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