Where Human Life Came From: Evolution Or Something Else

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4.6 billion years ago our planet Earth first appeared in our solar system. Many years later we emerged. But how exactly did we appear on this planet? There are two theories that answer this question, one suggests that we started off as single-celled organisms that later evolved into the intricate humans that we are today known as the theory of human evolution. The other one tells us that we were created by a superior force to serve a specific purpose. The theory of human evolution is a widely debated topic in which the public chooses to believe whether it’s a fact or a fraud, concrete evidence shows that this theory is a fraud.

Let’s go back and think, what is human evolution anyways? It can be defined as the process that happened billions of years ago in which humans evolved and originated from our ape ancestors. Scientists state that our complex cells came from components in outer space that later turned into the vast amount of life that we see nowadays. The speculation that life can spawn from non-living molecules that can be found floating in outer space hasn’t been proven. So, life can’t just sporadically appear on this planet, especially not humans being the only species able to reason and think and not make decisions merely on instincts like animals do. There is also a general rule that we know which is that life has to come from already existing life. We see this when a baby is born or a chicken egg hatches a chick. If the theory of human evolution were true, you’d think that we’d be able to prove how a simple cell became the complex cells that we see today.

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One of the most interesting things about humans is the DNA that each person carries inside of them. DNA is the hereditary material that all humans and organisms have. This material can be seen as the instruction manual or code that serves as a carrier of genetic information. The amount of information that DNA storages is astounding. No man-made storage system has ever been able to come close to the amount of storage that DNA has. If our brilliant minds today have found a way to study this material but still hasn’t been able to replicate this, how can lifeless matter be able to create this all on its own? It is highly impossible. Evidence like this tells us that our most complex unit of storage was not just an accident that arose by chance.

What I’ve mentioned explains the origin of life but what evidence backs up the idea that human evolution is no other than a fraud? Well since the beginning of scientific research, scientists have found similarities when they compare certain genetic codes of our DNA with ones of many other organisms. This gave light to the theory of evolution when they found many similarities with the ape species. Things like their upright posture and large similar heads suggest that we are an evolved form of the apes. Since then, scientists have found many fossils that are similar to our bodies. Artists and scientists add on special features like skin color, facial hair, and certain facial features that make them look like a primitive version of humans. Although this may seem acceptable, how do we know that this reconstruction is a reliable source if they only base this on fossils and speculation? Because these features have been erased by time, we don’t know for sure what exactly apes looked like. The facts easily pan out the theory that we actually evolved from apes because there is no real proof of a real relation between humans and apes.

In conclusion, science is a useful tool that has given us knowledge about the world we live in. Though it is very significant, it still can’t explain things like where exactly we came from. Evidence stated before like the fact that every living thing comes from another living thing, that our complex cell system can’t emerge out of nowhere, and that the so-called “evidence” we have for our evolution from ape-to-man are only a product of assumptions and biases and not on actual facts. So why don’t we open our minds to another possibility, that we have not evolved from animals but were created for something more?

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