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Are Humans Inherently Good Or Evil

Humans are born with the innate ability to define what is considered a sin and what is considered a deed. By this, it is necessitated upon by us,the humans, to find reason and rhyme for our sins, and reward ourselves because of our virtues. We...

Exploring What Does It Mean To Be Human

Humankind’s unique ability to see the potential for growth, and to work tirelessly to achieve it, reflects the very purpose of humanity. Since the beginning of time, humans have strived to improve society in places where it was lacking, and to enhance overall quality of...

Ode To What It Means to Be Human

Being human is complicated. Even if we all came with a set of instructions, it wouldn’t change anything. But, the essential way to be ‘human’ is in making your own decisions and doing the random things you prefer. There are vulnerabilities that exist at our...

Correlation Betweeb Vitamin D Deficiency and Psroiasis

Study published in August 2010 in the journal Jama Dermatology stated that when vitamin D is administrated in both orally and tropically ways on patients who were suffering from psoriasis, at the end of study they observed big improvements in their conditions especially who were...

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