Correlation Betweeb Vitamin D Deficiency and Psroiasis

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Study published in August 2010 in the journal Jama Dermatology stated that when vitamin D is administrated in both orally and tropically ways on patients who were suffering from psoriasis, at the end of study they observed big improvements in their conditions especially who were treated by applying vitamin D incorapted with a cream or ointment on their skin and they also suggested that the level of vitamin D is also involved in the development of skin diseases that’s mean if one’s vitamin D level is low he is always at risk to be a skin disease patient. Before we look how can psoriasis be treated by vitamins D intake, first we have to know vitamin D and psoriasis their source and symptoms that what they really are.

Psoriasis and its Symptoms

psoriasis is an illness of body immune system which causes skin cell to build up rapidly or collect cells on skin surface. Which causes inflammation and red thick flaky spots which are very scratchy.


Mostly these symptoms appear in common psoriasis types:

  • painful swollen joints
  • dry skin that cracks and bleeds
  • red, raised, inflamed patches of skin
  • soreness around patches
  • itching and burning sensations around patches
  • thick pitted nailswhitish-silver scales or plaques on the red patches

It depends on the type of psoriasis everyone doesn’t have the same kind of symptoms. These symptoms commonly developed on joints but can develop anywhere on the whole body like:

  • scalp
  • face
  • neck
  • hands
  • feet

This badly impacts the lives of those who are suffering from this disease. It is estimated that around 7. 5 million Americans are suffering from psoriasis, it can also lead to several other diseases like:

  • heart diseases
  • type 2 diabetes
  • inflammatory bowel diseases
  • high blood pressure

Sometimes psoriasis symptoms disappear but that doesn’t mean they will not come back. when you have no active sign you may be in remission

What vitamin D really is?

Probably everyone knows that vitamin D can help you to build and maintain healthy and strong bones. Vitamins are needed by your body for good health they are vital for everyone so that their body work well.

Some functions that vitamins D help the body to undergo are:

  • Muscle function
  • The immune system, which helps you to fight infection
  • Brain development
  • Respiratory system –for healthy lungs and airways Respiratory system
  • Anti-cancer effects

Vitamin D and Psoriasis

In our body most amount of vitamins made when sunlight strikes the skin. Experts say that vitamin D deficiency doesn’t cause psoriasis but it impairs the ability of our body to keep our skin healthy. Vitamin D deficiency is common in psoriasis patients. Deficiency is more marked in the winter because of less sunlight exposure.

Dry and less exposure of sunlight are actually common triggers for psoriasis flare-ups. One big mistake psoriasis patients make that they likely to wear clothes covering up their skin lesions so they don’t absorb much UVB light from the sun.

Vitamin D deficiency is a very big factor to psoriasis. Vitamin D level can be checked by a blood sample test. Your vitamin D level has to be at least 2o (nanogram/millimetre)()ng/ml and for optimal it has to be 30 (nanogram/millimeter)(ng/ml).

Sources of vitamin D that can help to get relief from Psoriasis

Orally taking vitamins intake will not cure psoriasis and hasn’t been proven to improve it. Topical vitaminD preparations applied directly can improve psoriasis.

Best is to visit a dermatologist who will diagnose your psoriasis type and then give you suitable treatment to your type and condition.

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