How Learning Theories Impact Own Learning

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Learning theories are the acquisition of knowledge or skill through study, experience, or being taught of ideas intended to explain something, especially based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. Cognitive, emotional and environmental impact, as well as previous experience, all plays a part in how understanding or a work view is acquired or changed and knowledge and skill retained. According to our famous psychologist Abraham Maslow it is said to be that we have some hierarchy of needs, such psychological need, safety, love, self esteem, and self actualization which is a human motivation. Those hierarchy of needs is broken down into a pyramid, but we must perform the base of psychological needs and then work our way up. Psychological needs include breathing, water, food, sleep, clothing and shelter. Safety needs include: health, finance/ employment and personal security and they both are our basic needs.

Love include: friendship, intimacy and family which is our social need. Self esteem includes confidence which is call respect. Self actualization includes our need for acceptance and creativity and this one is call potential. Taylor (2008) “transformative theory involves how to negotiate and act upon our own purpose, value, feelings and meaning rather than those we have uncritically assimilated from others. ” (Mezirous, 2000,p. 8. ). Transformative learning theories demonstrate how to construct an appropriate fresh interpretations of the world. Transformative learning is a theory that is uniquely for grounded adult who are aware of human communication. The theory is understood as a learning process while using previous interpretation to construct new meanings of a person experience to follow future actions. (De read &,Schouwenburg, 1996)Personality in learning and education theory is a large domain such as motivation and deposition are represented and that reference is made to topics such as achievement, motivation, character, education and goal orientation. Palmer( 1991) showed how information behavior of scientists could be assembled into five group of information/facts seekers characterize of different personalities.

Firstly are the nom-seekers, they weren’t motivated for seeking information. Secondly are the lone, wide rangers, who liked working alone because they always find solution to their problems and the work is easier. Thirdly unsettled self conscious seekers, who are fresh researchers who were still quite new to the field so they would be the one who would frequently go to the library. Fourthly are the confident collectors they don’t put much effort into finding the information but they will always keep an open mind for information because they believe in themselves to get the proper information. Finally is the hunters, who worked in biochemistry rapidly changing field so they would have already develop the strategy for information.

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According to De Read & Schouwenburg 1996, Personality traits are expressed in learning styles, which are in turn reflected in learning strategies, which eventually produce a certain learning outcome. Lev vygotsky was born in the year 1896 and passed away in the the year 1934. He was known for as a cultural historical psychology, one of proximal development. Lev vygotsky was founder of an unfinished theory of human cultural and bio social development. According to lev vygotsky I have for my out that babies have four elementary mental functions such as attention, sensation, perception and memory. The elementary mental function are developed in a more practical and effective mental process and strategies, so we would call that our higher mental function. so important learning that a child go through occurs to the social interaction with a skillful tutor or a teacher, parent so they will act as a model and give verbal instructions so the child will try to understand the Instruction given to them. Higher mental functions are distinguish characterize more by independent learning and thinking. The theory for vygotsky social interactions{cognition}.

So according to lev vygotsky this type of social interaction involves cooperation and it promotes cognition ability or development. Zone of proximal development is the most sensitive instruction or guidance given, so in this case is what we can do and what we can’t do. The zone proximal development allow learners to use all the skills they had and use it on their own to expand their learning. I think that Maslow hierarchy of need applies to me because everyone need to be loved and have confidence in themselves to believe that they can do something and I don’t think I have enough confidence. People love to bring down others and make them feel like they are not smart enough to do something and that they don’t look good and make them feel like they are not worth anything and I know people like that, they are disrespecting us to make us feel low about our self. I would always think I’m wrong when I’m saying or doing something. We also need self actualization because it helps us to develop and grow as a person in order to achieve our goals and potential.

I think that Maslow hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology to me because it motivates human behavior. We all want to feel loved by our family, friends, coworkers etc, so we we will do things or join groups to satisfy our need for belonging. I need physiological need to survive. for eg. breathing because we need to breathe air everyday without air we will die, water and food because we must eat to live, sleep so we are not to tired, clothing to protect our body and shelter so we can feel comfortable. without physiological need I can die because I am dehydrated and hungry. I cannot walk naked, so I would need clothes and I need shelter to get a good night rest to be able to concentrate properly and work better. We need all these needs to build a good healthy life and be happy. So, I think, having these needs will make us happy and enjoy life better. So for other-words I think we need all those things in order to progress my learning.

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