Concerning Several Career Management Theories

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The chosen area of Marketing Management has a great scope in the current evolving business environment. There has been a great change in the fields of technology and communication. With extensive globalization and technological evolution, the way companies are approaching the consumers with their products has changed widely. Most of the structures have transformed from brick and mortar to online. There has been an increase in employment for several marketing positions because of this transformation in the working environment. The following paragraph discusses my career prospects in this regard concerning several career management theories.

With respect to the Person-Environment Fit theory there is a huge prospect between me and the current work environment. The PE concept is based on Kurt Lewin’s tradition that states behavior is the function of both environment and person together. My qualifications and my personal development plans are largely directed towards a successful marketing management career. A person's environment fit generally refers to the degree of match between the work environment and the person working in that environment. 

The theory suggests that there should be proper compatibility between the work environment and the employee. As a marketing manager the current situation in the marketing field is compatible with my interests and qualifications. My keen interest in technology, arts, and music will help me in pitching creative content for the business organization. I can utilize my digital marketing skills for business expansion in the online forum and I can utilize my excel skills in marketing analysis and online data analytics. 

If I relate the theory in details, it can be seen that on the personal side I have interests in creativity, photography, and video, I have skills in digital marketing and socializing as well as I have valuable knowledge on search engine optimization. Apart from this my personal development plans also include focusing on emotional balance, communication skills, increased aptitude skills, and development on marketing knowledge. On the environmental side it can be seen that the current business trends are based online. Amazon being the market leader several other businesses has emerged online and is focusing on targeting the consumers through online applications and online websites. 

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The recent business environment allows the consumers to access anything from any corners of the society and buy products just by clicking a button on the application and making payment through online systems. Therefore, it can be stated that the current market trend focuses more on search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital marketing, big data analysis, and the use of various applications. This increases the requirement for good marketing contents, advertisements, and ideas, which therefore increases my opportunities as a marketing manager. Moreover, the current recruitment environment shows that graduates are considered large for fresh recruitments in companies. 

Ken Roberts designed the theory of opportunity structure. In this theory he stated that occupational choices are dependent on sociological factors. He stated that employment is largely based on the concept of opportunity structure that one cannot just merely opt for a career; rather the opportunities available must also be considered (Roberts 2016). In this context, I can say that there is a growing opportunity in marketing management. The current shift to online business, the improvement of technology, the emergence of several mobiles based applications and e-payment systems has made it necessary for all the organization to innovate their products and services. 

The traditional forms of the market can no longer be followed extensively; rather digital marketing techniques need to be applied. Most of the people are now using social media as the forms of communication and my knowledge on digital marketing and my connection on social media can help me capture a large number of consumers for the organization in very less time. Recent trends also state that there has been growth in graduate recruitments by the majority of the companies, which is also a positive sign for my career planning.      

The theory of communication interaction was first developed by Bill Law who focuses on how people learn about careers in a social context. The communication theory by Bill Law takes place in between the structural theory by Ken Roberts and the psychological factors (Ting-Toomey and Dorjee 2018). This theory opposes the structural theory. It states that social structure does not necessarily reflect the open opportunities and rather influence our thinking on career opportunities. The concept of marketing has largely been connected to sales concepts. Marketing jobs are considered to be limited to only sales by a large number of people. 

Most of the people do not tend to opt for the subject of marketing as they think that the job availability in this course means pitching products to the consumers and achieving targets. Many friends and family of mine state that if I opt to take a position as a marketing manager, my job role will be stuck to sales for a lifetime. However as mentioned above my practice of self-realization and market knowledge will allow me to be mentally strong on my decisions. 

Several people out in this industry are top marketing managers and have got the taste of all the sectors in marketing. I believe that without product knowledge and without understanding the concept of consumer awareness it is very difficult for a person to design or advertising for a product. It is therefore mandatory for all the marketing graduates to gain some experience in the sales field, tying to understand the consumers' tastes and preferences and how they respond to several sales pitches, before being a part of the product or the advertising team. 

Therefore, it can be concluded from the above discussion that as a business graduate my skills are appropriate for the current business environment and recruitment condition. My knowledge of marketing, excel, and technology will be beneficial for both brick and mortar structure as well as digital platforms. I have tracked a career development plan on the basis of the current recruitment conditions, self analysis and the above mentioned theories. These plans will help me in improving my performance in this competitive market and will help me in being unique from the others. 

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