The Reasons I Want To Step Into A Challenging Career Of A Doctor

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I didn’t appreciate the significance of the interrelationship between science and human engagement in medicine until I witnessed a consultation between a patient with lung cancer and his doctor during my work experience in a hospital. Shadowing a physician in the rheumatology ward of Quironsalud Hospital, Tenerife, allowed me to have a taste of the daily life of a doctor and to witness the importance of teamwork and cooperation between doctors, nurses, and staff. I was amazed at how they worked together to provide effective care in the patient’s best interests. A case which particularly had an impact on me was with a patient with lung cancer who had to be given bad news regarding his condition. I was inspired by how the doctor used his empathy to deliver the news in a more bearable way, and I observed how the patient, as a result, had complete trust in the doctor and relied on him to receive the best treatment. This made me realize how empathy and communication are fundamental aspects of the doctor-patient relationship. Also, I understood the emotional challenges involved when dealing with the death of a patient, an inevitable aspect of a medical career.

During the summer, I volunteered at a local care home, ‘Maria Grazia’, Italy, where I helped to feed and assist the residents. I realized how actively listening to their different needs and communicating in an empathetic way can have such a positive impact on their wellbeing. In particular, I was struck by a resident suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This motivated me to carry out some research to understand his condition better, allowing me to use my empathy and listening abilities to understand his concerns and interact with him on a more personal level. This experience also highlighted some of the challenges of a medical career, such as the high levels of commitment, hard work, and dedication which are required. Also, taking part in the planning of a charity event at my school, collecting toys for presents and participating in an outing for the local orphanage, enhanced my teamwork and organization skills, essential qualities of a multi-disciplinary team in a hospital.

In Year 12, I completed a Sports Leadership course which further developed my organization and leadership qualities. This included planning PE lessons and delivering them to students of all ages. Having to continuously adapt my lessons to suit each age group highlighted the importance of flexibility when making decisions, a crucial aspect of doctors being good leaders. While keeping up with recent medical advances, I have been particularly inspired by an article in ‘Medical News Today’ showcasing how medical researchers have discovered a specific enzyme which could potentially be used for curing diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This highlighted to me the great significance of medical research in determining current and future treatments for various pathologies, and this is an aspect of medicine that I am particularly interested to pursue in my future career.

Hard work and commitment are essential qualities required by both medical students and doctors, and I believe I have acquired these skills throughout my studies. This is reflected by my full attendance from Year 10 to 12, gaining an award in Year 11 for ‘Best student of the year’ in Physics and Spanish, and by achieving 100% in one of the AS Biology modules.

Outside of my academics, I enjoy participating in sports, in particular swimming and football. I find that taking part in regular sporting activity is particularly helpful during study and exam periods to keep my mind and body healthy. I am also passionate about chess, which hones my logical thinking and decision-making skills, essential qualities that doctors should possess when working in busy environments.

I understand that medicine is a challenging career to undertake. However, I believe I have the motivation, diligence, and skill set that will allow me to succeed in this path.

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