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Benefits And Differences Of Contraceptive Methods

Family planning has widely been adopted whereby almost all couples in the developing world make use of the modern contraception method for healthy spacing, timing and limiting the birth size in order to achieve a desirable family size. Family planning is a way of saving...

Family Planning Programs in Pakistan

Introduction Family Planning Programs in Pakistan started in the mid-1960s and have tried many initiatives and policies. And yet the current contraceptive prevalence rates (CPR) stand at 30%, reflecting around 0.5% annual increase since the start of the family planning programs in 1964. Approximately 30%...

Studies on Postpartum Family Planning Services

Family planning has gained a massive amount of audience due to the recent rapid increase in the populations. Ever since, it has been recognized as one of the pillars in the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) (1). Family planning, as a whole, is an aspect...

Women's Empowerment and Family Planning Utilization

The International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action in 1994 and the Beijing Conference in 1999 stressed the empowerment of women enhances their decision making capacity at all levels in all spheres of life, which helps for sustainable development and the realization of...

Public Health Family Planning Program and Strategy

Family Planning Annually 6.1 million pregnancies are recorded in the US and about 45% are reported as unplanned or untimed according to Healthy People 2020, a national program managed by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Healthy People 2020 sets national goals that,...

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